Where should we go


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mrs rustywoo and myself are gagging to go out clubbing tommorow night in London. being jan, the options are farily limited. here's what i can find is on and would like to have your thoughts on where we should go. Our life is in your hands:

Pacha:Scool disco :(
the End and Fabric are both d&b so that's out
Ministry of Sound: Smoove, garage & old skool so that's out too
Turnmills :The gallery with danielle divoli and JFK. Good tunes but turnmills is a bit pikey and the dancefloor is tiny
The Fridge: Twisted. hard house i suppose
The Cross: Fiction, prog i think. dont really like the Cross much either to be honest, too bargey and a bit snooty.
Camden Palace: Peach, proper ravey but maybe a bit teenage.
Heaven: Urban Torque, Tribal, deep dish stylee. possibly a bit monotonous

what do you guys think?
don't like much on there do you rusty hehehe!!

if it was my choice

maybe heaven
I wish i had the chance to go to Fabric tomorrow night!!!
James Lavelle & Jazzanova...mmmmm & i know you don't like D&B but Dj Hype and Fabio & Grooverider.
How mouth watering is that lineup!!!???
i didn't know james lavelle was playing at fabric, oh in that case definately go fabric.....
yeah yeah i know. the line up is spectacular at fabric, plus the place is the best club in london by a mile. It's just not my scene thats all. we will probably go to the gallery.

even better is that on 25th a few of us are heading up to Liverpool to go to Garlands. This promises to be mucho mucho fun. Its a Viva Las Vegas theme so cue x-large sunglasses and some kind of jump-suit type clothing i reckon.

mrs rustywoo plans some kind of showgirl type outfit, accompanied by large eye-lashes. i can probably keep you all informed of her various changes of mind in the costume department as there promises to be plenty of 'um.
Go for Fiction. Shouldnt be too crowded for the first (well really the second) weekend of January.
You can even sit outside on the sofas and enjoy the balmy London nights we are having at the moment.
No...seriously, i dont think Fiction will be too packed tonight and I always like the music.
i haven't been to the cross for friction - i know its supposed to be a mixed/gay night...but for want of a better way of putting it - how gay is it?
fabric and pacha and tonights u plus 3 tickets on pete tongs show tonight, doesn't mean there any good though.......
thanks for all the advice folks. in the end we trawled into shoreditch in east london, close to where we live. the area is filled with dj bars and a couple of clubs.
Limelight (next door to fabric) was too rammed (at nine pm!) so we walked round to
Cargo, who wanted an astonishing EIGHT QUID to get in. it's only open till two am and the door man was really rude. Onto
Electricity Showrooms. really rockin, big bass beats and fancy cocktails. had a bit of both.
Finally we made it to bridge and tunnel, to find by happy chance that Ashley Beedle (from XPress 2) was playing a few of his most ecletic records. Electro Bass and Jazzy Trance. weird and fabulous and fun. drunk the best Mogiitos Ive had outside Cuba and flailed around on the dancefloor for a couple of hours. feeling a bit rough today, still, if you can't do the time...........
Imposter.....Fiction is I suppose 75% gay although I would say it has become a lot more mixed in recent months than it used to be.
Seems that a lot more straight people are going now, especially girls.
thanks for the reply spunkymonkey...might just give a try some week, especially if there are more girls in attendance ;)