Where has my thread gone??

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I may be a little gypsy kissed at the mo....

But where the f*** is my answer and question topic??
Robo said:
don't worry its been moved to the 'open chat' page.

Couldn't give a flying f***..
just thought I'd gone mad..

well actuallt that was confirmed a long time ago...

"isn't that right me me gobbidy gook"
"yes masta"

where it says bleep after gobbidy I put the word g o o k!! how is that a swear word??
to be fair robo...

you should never had removed it... It was popular and the title of this forum is question and answer

Thats all the f***ing thing contained!
Robo said:
i never moved it...

all apologies...

well, stephen says he didn't..

who else is the powers that be??

surely they will die by my hands..
it dosen't matter.
people will still see it in the open chat post.
Anyway thats where it should be.
The whole thread is questions and answers so it should be in here :p
no this is for asking questions about the island and things in general.

i want to make it as inviting as possible for all types of people to ask questions in the forum, so i like to keep the general question and answer relatively serious.

inane chat should be kept in open chat ;)
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