Where are the Sirenis and Tivoli apts. in Playa Den Bossa?



Does anyone know exactly where they are in Playa Den Bossa please? I've seen them advertised but can't find a map with their location.

Cheers mate, I can see by the aerial map exactly where it is. I can actually see where I stayed last year on that. My 'trouble and strife' has been scratching her nails through brochures and from what she's shown me the best deals are either at the Tivoli or Sirenis. I'm not stopping at the Jet as I knew someone who did last year and they weren't upto much. ;)

Now, need to find this other place. ;)
Thanks for the link to that site, just found the Sirenis place, looks like it's right at the top of Playa Den Bossa, might go for the Tivoli as it's closer to where I want to be. :p