When the season begin?



Fellaz nd ladies ... So wots yor opinion. I mean ...when exactly the season begin? I've realized that time after time the seasons begining slide down closer to August. I m not talkin' about official opening parties but generally. So year after year we squeeze the season. What's the future? ))))) In 1999 Uve bein' able 2feel real drive in June...but now only since ( My private pov) 20 of July ....no earlier .... :rolleyes:
i'd say officially season begins in May
things get going in June
rammed in august
and kicking in september

but really when ever u go your gonna have an amazing time
as long as the clubs are open :D :D
beaches are sunny and drinks are flowing! :D :D
I was there in June and had a fantastic time. Met loads of fun people and fell in love with the island. Clubs were still packed, but not so bad that you couldnt move. The energy was plenty high. Plus I saved loads of money on the hotel.

Next year I am going in July or August I think....

Cheers! :)
2 Heater (chiclubgirl)

Hiye .... Heater. I m sure you've got a lot in June. But 'TNT' mass is coming to Island in 2nd half of July.... M I rite.... So why in that case next time U goin' 2 b zere in July-Aug?))))))) .... :lol: + :rolleyes: .
For touristic biz ppl tiz much more profitable to tell to everyone zat you may 'njoy 'Beefa anytime ....but ...as for single person - as for me also - I have my holidays not so often - so that is why - i wanna spend it for 100%. Cheers. Ask to Italians who sell clubs tkts in the centre of Ibiza town - they feel 'temperature' like no1 else according 2 tkts sales.... The season squeeze :oops: :cry: brrrrrrrr

wish you health
So next year I should aim for late July? Will do. Hoping to get a villa or the same room we had at the Mar Y Playa this year (cause the balcony was wicked!)

2 Heater...

U can do woteva u want...July or..... )))) But as for me - the best time is September.... In Sept... ppl r HQ!!!! and tiz much moo cheaper zen in hot time. I m going soon to zere only 'cos tiz time ( Aug) I've never been zere b4 - just 4 xperience . Nd.. I was xpectin' 2get villa also.. but tis moo useful 2 get villa for 6 or moo ppl.... if u comin' with 2 or 3 frnds....tis much moo xpensive 4 single person. And ...actually ... after couple of days u'll bored of so many (even if tis yor frnds) ppl in a villa. So - best choice - finally - Aptmnts.... Can prove it))))) Thnx 4 reply .... hv a nice .... mood...Let Am Stocks will grow)))))