When do these cd from ibiza gonna be released....


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i'm dying to buy
el divino 2003
amnésia vol 6
amnésia underground vol 3
matinée group compilation summer edition vol 8..
Any spanish boy or fellow living in ibiza know when the old ones were released june or august 2002?
(el divino 2002,amnésia vol 5,amnésia underground vol 2...)
thanks! gonna take a look at their website...coz if it's released june gonna give the money to a spotlightgirl who gonna make a ride to paris b4 going to ibiza...otherwise waiting for my m8 going there in august coz i'm not sure gonna b back in ibiza this summer...too old! :lol:
el divino 2003 & matinée vol 8..u can buy them if u want to bring back cds from ibiza...
i'm just joking...but with my m8 keep on shagging girls in all place...amnésia parking,bora bora parking in the car,pacha bathroom,divino's bathroom,konga's(pin up now) bathroom,kiss 's bathroom..& without my girfriend, it ain't easy to hang out with this m8 !
Right vienna, and we aren't responsible for this.

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