whats the first thing you will do opon arrival to ibiza



get well inot the swing of it now 18 days to go.

apart from un packing whats the first thing you will do after arrival.
get there 10am ish friday 13th june morning. Ideal time to grab some sun and a few cheeky vodkas before getting ready to go out. 8) :p

Dont know where to go that night? any ideas? :?:
Arrive 9:30am on Sun 15th

Plan will be
1) Pick up hire car from Airport

2) Drive to Villa, dip in the pool

3) Trip to supermarket - 10 bottles of Vod, Loads of fags, 10 crates of beer, BBQ food

4) Dump stuff off at villa, start the sesh with a BBQ

5) Changed and out for 6pm

7) Sunset Strip, watch sunset, get little fellas

8) Grab food and then Off to Judgement Sunday

At that moment the rest of the week is play it by ear with the exception of Cream
Apartment, Supermarket, Vodka & Coke, Balcony, Relax.......... :p
Get into Jet about 0130 hrs so were gonna dump bags off, shower change then head to La Troya. :D
the plan well sort of

should get to my hotel around 6pm on the saturday.

think i will head down to the sun set strip. and of course the west end.
then maybe on to retro at edan..

well that shoudl be the plan...
Blimey .. am all excited !

Get to Ibiza around 03.25 ... arrive hostel an hour or so later on morning of 15th June !

Mebbe catch a few z's before wandering around and getting to know the place again!

I am so so looking forward to seeing just how much San Antonio has changed since I was last there!

Certainly, the night of the 15th will find us curling our toes in the sand on sunset someplace ..... not sure where yet, still reading on here where everyone's fave places to watch the sun going down, are.
For sunset

San Antonio = Coastline
or Ideally go to Cala D'Hort and watch the sunset with a stunning backdrop of Es Verdas (or however you spell it)
Noramlly we have night flight so we land about 3am Sunday morning and will normally go have a couple of drinks somewhere and then get some kip before Space.

But this June we fly Friday afternoon so will get to Es Vive about 5pm, unpack, have a few drinks and then hit Pacha for Pure Pacha Opening :D
well....this time is different, cuz normally we arrive at 3 in the morning, totally drunk from all the drinks on board the plane so I usually go find the first venue and party on untill sunrise...then I sleep all day long on the beach

This year we arrive at 3 in the afternoon...so I´ll go get a cab, drive off to Catalina (the hotel), drop off my luggage and find the nearest beach to soak up the sun!
Then i´ll go back to my room, get some drinks and go down to our reserved table at Savannah ´s to get drunk, see the sunset, party, listen to groovy tunes and simply wonder off to some venue!!!!

Drop shit off at my apartment, have a shower, go to Wips, carton of sangria n then have a few caps of gb n see how it goes!
Get my behind down to Bora Bora for a quick boogie!

(unless I arrive at 5am, in which case I will probably collapse before doing the above)
well will arrive around 9ish so get change and go to ibiza town for a chilled sat night!
will be ariving on Friday evening about 6pm. Unpack - have a few drinks in Ibiza town and onto Pacha for the anniversare opening party.

Still don't know who's playing - i think someone said it will be pete tong and jon carter but I don't think anything is confirmed yet.

Blimey, it's less that three weeks away. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) Can't wait. :D :D :D :D
arrive 11pm fri night probably drop bags off get washed head to pacha
me and my girl arrive about 3:30am .... couple of Z's and then ill be doing something completely different than ive usually done the last 4 times ive arrived ..... cant wait for this year as its just the 2 of us and none of that waiting about on folk as you go out........ so heres to the alternative Ibiza at last....