Whats the best!!!


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Hi guys i was just wondering what nights are the best out of swedish house mafia, subliminal or FMIF. Would love to do them all but im on a budget. ;) Any advice would be appreciated. :)
Personally mate i'd avoid FMIF at all costs, the mix of pretentious ****ers & guettas cheesy mixes make it a no no.

SHM are sure to put on a good show, well they always have when i've seen them in the past.

Cant really comment on Sub as have never been
FMIF had the best vibe out of all the club nights I did last year - BUT prepared for it to be rammed to the rafters, and for several thin layers of cheese throughout the night - which were expected granted, but still a really fun night. I wouldnt even say there were many pretentious punters, we didnt come experience that many up their own arses, in fact, it went down in my book as one of the friendliest night 8) its mostly French, Spanish and Italian and not so many english but its just far too full!!! :spank:

It was a nightmare getting to and from the bar, to the loos and finding a space to dance was a sodding miracle, but for the love and friendliness of a bunch of dutch people who welcomed us into their huge group and we took over a good piece of the dance floor and just danced and smiled all night.....

Subliminal - does exactly what it says on the tin - you know what your gonna get at their nights and generally, you wont be let down or left wanting...

SHF - not my cup of tea so I wouldnt really bother...... but that's just my opinion... 8)
Depends what style you're into most I guess. As Streety said FMIF is probs the most commercial of the three options, the swedes the most underground, they can be quite dark and techy (certainly Ingrosso was last time I saw him)