whats a good time to go to DC-10


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i was just listening to Smokin Jo give the Ibiza update on Tongy's show and she said to get there early....what time is early since its a day spot...and does anyone know when Danny Howells would be going on August 11?
I got there at around 2:00. That seemed to be a good time to arrive: there was a medium sized crowd on the floor, but there was a steady flow of people filling the place up. John Creamer was the guest dj when I was there, and he came on at around 3:00. I'm not sure if that's exactly when Howells will come on, but you can bet that he'll come on in the mid-afternoon once the place has filled up a bit. It seems to stay open fairly late (at least until7 or 8), so I wouldn't worry about getting there super early.