Whatever Happened To Ministry Magazine?


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Will it be up and running again?
what about that DJ Magazine you get for free in Ibiza?
where can you get that one???
any other good Ibiza/dj mags on the marked I can get????


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Ministry magazine was absolutely terrible. It made Mixmag look like The Spectator ;-) It was closed by MOS earlier this year as it was selling less than 50,000 copies per issue.

As for the Ibiza version, which was actually not bad, it seems unlikely that they will publish it this summer but I can't be certain.........


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DJ can be found in NY but for a priiiiiiiiiiiice. Mixmag is my favorite, MOS not bad and Muzik fave too. As long as there was a cd...had to buy...limited edition anyway!


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lostinspace said:
the free CD's you get with mixmag now are generally sh*te, they used to do some really good ones back in the day.

The Nic Facculli (sp?) one recently was blinding but generally they are pile of poo :rolleyes:

Tom Leeds

DJ mag is by far the best dance music mag! its amazing!!

as for DJ ibiza. there will be 3 editions (jul, aug and sept). DJmag ibiza is prob the best free mag out there as well. the guy who writes it is a mate and is very talented at wot he does as well as being hilarious. check his spank the monkey column...GENIUS!!!


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Dj Mag Uk usually has aan ibiza supplement in its fortnightly magazines which starts about july and has all the listings and some interesting info.
Dj mag is probably the best mag for music reviews and releases rather than the clubbing side of things. But the ibiza supplement focus'es on the clubbing.


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I thought is was meant to be up and running again by now!

The ibiza issue should still be goin (hopefully)!

I met one of the people who worked for the mag in 2001 on my birthday - Sue Bennison - if ur readin this -THANX for everything! :D

Tom Leeds

djmag ibiza: first issue will be out end of june and there will be two other editions after that.


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The latest Mixmag had an ibiza feature but it wasn't very comprehensive.
just a few reviews and a map with club listings. Worth checking out though.


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rough guide

Gonna shamelessly self-plug me own book here - Rough Guide Ibiza and Formentera - edition 2 is just out. We've included full clubbing background, but also included detailed coverage of Ibizan history, hikes, secret cove beaches and over 100 bar and restaurant reviews. Runs to 400 pages. Above all, we hope to get you off the beaten track if you crave a bit of adventure. There are so many beaut isolated places in Ibiza.

About 4 years ago there were five Ibiza mags. All have folded except DJ Mag (which was always the best anyway). However, look out for a new Pacha mag, available in the island from mid-June. There will be four editions this summer - it's edited by Ben Turner (ex-chief at Muzik) so content will be decent.

Dub magazine, though badly translated into English, is also worth a read - it's free, you can get it in places like Sunset in Ibiza Town or Particular in Cala Jondal.



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Re: rough guide

stingray said:
Dub magazine, though badly translated into English, is also worth a read - it's free, you can get it in places like Sunset in Ibiza Town or Particular in Cala Jondal

thats my favourite!! :D