What u want to be changed?


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I'm very sorry that I haven't been this year but I want to learn what was changed?What was good?What was bad?what do u want to be changed for the next year?Cause I want to to my honeymoon in IBIZA again....Cheers!
Space - We Love Sundays is still as popular as ever, some weeks there were problems with sound levels on the terrace, I only experienced it once for about 20 mins of Fatboy's set at Closing but apparently it was quite bad on other occasions so hope they sort that out for next year.

DC10 - Absolutely rammed every time I went, never seen it so busy. Also people are starting to get there later than previous years, people normally used to go as a Carry On from Space but now it doesn't get busy til early afternoon but it was open til at least 9/10pm every wk so they have extended their hours.

Pin-Up - Was busy after DC10 on a Monday but the other nights didn't really take off. Garlands left after a couple of weeks, Soul Heaven was busy some weeks some weeks dead, and then Pin-Up got closed down just before season finished because of problems with their music license.

Pacha - You know Underwater and Subliminal have separated. Underwater had excellent guests but was never as busy as the old Perfecto night and Subliminal. I hope Dazza Emerson and co are there next year but I really doubt it. Subliminal was rammed and Erick was back on form :D Ministry moved to Thursdays at Pacha, it wasn't as busy as previous years when it had been on Fridays but much better crowd. Pure Pacha was rammed every week I went (tourists and locals going out cos it's their wkend), some amazing line-ups and according to DJ magazine in Ibiza this night will be returning next year.
Next year Pacha want inhouse nights (a la Pure Pacha) on Fri/Sat/Sun nights and then overseas promoters from Mon-Thurs so it looks like we will see some changes at Pacha.

Bora Bora - As busy as ever, going off everyday from about 3/4pm onwards :D

Didn't go to El Divinos but heard excellent things about Hed Kandi and Defected.

Didn't go to Amnesia but Cocoon was meant to be brilliant as always, Cream was apparently full of your usual tits and was way overcrowded.
Didn't do Manumission but did the Carry On and that was as good as ever.
Oh and Carl Cox @ Space was a big success story, cheap entry and he rocked Space big-time.

Prices were about the same as last year in general for entrance/drinks/etc.

That's all I can think of for now :p
Id prefer it if they'd stop changing things. All these new laws -ESP about sound levels are VERY annoying!
That he did. That he did.

God yeah! That closing night was fantastic! My first time in Space, and just 10 euros to get in (and you got a free drink to compensate!). Fantastic, I'm counting the days till next year :p