what time to hang out at sunset bars?



I'm going to Ibiza next week,since the last time I went was 5 years ago,I wonder at what time people go to sunset bars (to watch the sunset and listen to nice dj-sets).Please give some advice people!Thanks! 8)
before the sunset is useful, find out when sunset is as it will get earlier this time of year and then aim to get there about hour before that so you can find somewhere cool to crash and get some drinks in. mambo has pre-club nights there most nights so you could make a night of it! :D
In early September I like to get down to Cafe Del Mar for about 6.45 - 7.00. You can then get s decent spot, chill out and lose yourself for a bit.
don't do what me'n'cherry b did last saturday - we arrived soooo fashionably late that it was dark! we only tripped over 4 people trying to reach our destination and i've still not got a clue where we ended up.

If you want to get a decent table and eat and drink at say mambo go about 7:00 or even before it may sound silly but you will be disappointed otherwise!
I was usually there from about 730-8 till about 1030-11. Trust me, the time flies by. But I'm a sucker for sunsets and lovely people :)