What time should i be getting into the Clubs??



I have pre booked tickets for some club nights at Pacha and El Divino just wondering what time i need to get into the clubs?

1) What time is last admission?
2) What time do the clubs get busy and good in ibiza?
3) What are the best pre bar?

clubs get busy around 1ish so go then, unless you like the full impact of the eve and get there around 12ish and have a few drinks to start you off (yup thats what i do ;) i like to know i get the maximum hours in!)

don't think they have a last admission policy people are queing to get in at 3 4 or even 5, the later u go the cheaper it is

pre parties, coastline, mambo's etc etc there is a listing on here somewhere by our lovely mcrackin, i kind fine it though

hope this helps :D
I never understood why they don't make clubs over here cheaper as it gets later :eek:

It would help keep the clubs full all night and hence the atmosphere.

Seems so simple to me :rolleyes: