what time do you hit the town for the big night out?



i was wandering what time you all head out from your hotels to go for a drink at pre club bars or whatever??
about 10ish, unless your going to the sunset strip. in which case get there about an hour before sunset.

then head to a club about 1:30 or 2ish.

or if your going to go to the west end go whenver you like
yeah, we left the hotel about 7:30, watched the sunset at coastline, had a few cocktails then headed off to bar m etc. Hit the clubs about 1:30.
Well last year we were too anxious so we would head out at 9 or 10...and hit the bars and get to the club at midnight which might have been a little early but gave us a chance to find a great corner :)..you'll know exactly when you get down there....do what you please is the best thing :d
Depends on the date you will go, in the tourist season people will be at the bars around 22:00. In the early or later season people will go a little later....
We usually sit around the pool on the loungers, just chilling for a bit, having a few drinks at the hotel before going out about 11ish - just basically saving energy for when the night really gets going
hang on, sarcy p1ss taking aside :lol: - I said 3083 posts before you posted your last one, so why hasnt your total gone upto 3084? :confused:
Ok, so now it has, thats fookin strange :eek: Or i'm still p1ssed from last night :)
premile said:
We usually take a long late evening nap and head out on the town around 22:00.

That is definately the way forward, 2 years ago I'd have a nap for a couple of hours after clubbing then another from about 5pm til 9pm most nights and I was able to hit the big clubs every night.

Last year I totally overdid things, I tried to do too much with too little sleep and ended up missing out on loads and being a bit of a mong....lessons have been learned.
Apart from Space Sunday, we go out around 10.00pm - into Ibiza town - grab a meal, then drinks and either onto a club around 1.00am or continue drinking until we fall over - which usually happens at Dome cos the waitress likes us and puts a little coke in my Jack Daniels LOL.

Wow 10 days from now and I'll be laid on beach in Mykonos will my girlie constantly comparing it with Ibiza (I know who'll win though ;) )
:) Drew ... u will enjoy Mykonos ! 1o days heys? That's how long it is till I go to I B I Z A !!
Clubs tend to get going after 1am, but usually head off to one of the bars about 10/11pm, just after dinner.

If you're going out in Ibiza town, say Pacha or El Divinio, it's nice to be able to stroll around the place before going out to the club. Obviously this is a bit trickier with Priviledge and Amnesia as they are located on a busy main road.