What quality chill out CD's out there do people recomend?



When you come back from clubbing in the early ours of the morning, there is nothing betta than to kick back and listen to sum relaxing tunes. Wot CD's do ppl recomend?

any of the cafe del mar ones, but version nine, the newest one is excellent well worth getting also try 'beachlife' the salinas sessions, another good cd, and its not cheesy either.

chill out CDs

Hello ! Hed Kandi series is a safe bet; specially the serve chilled #2 (#3 is not that nice IMHO).
Cafe del Mar is beautiful but a bit too chilled, perhaps so chilled you´ll fall asleep.
Ministry of Sound have released some good stuff. Their house annuals may be a bit cheesy but their chillout products are the best. And they often include chill out versions of Ibiza anthems. Try "Chillout sessions 2" and "Chillout Annual 2002". They´re nice too because they might introduce you to some artists that are worth some research on. Here in Brazil no one knows Zero 7, Lemon Jelly and Blue States; thru MOS series I found out they were cool and bought the CDs on my following trip abroad.
Hope to have helped...
Cheers, Thiago.
The Cafe Del Mar albums are tops.

Also, as mentioned, Beachlife by John Sa Trincha. The CD of the summer!
The New Sa Trinxa is good, I also like the new Pacha Lounge Collection Vol. 1

Search for a threat on chill music- we had a really long one a couple months ago- there should be a bunch listed in it
Also worth a mention are the free chillout-CDs you got with Gatecrasher - Digital, and Experience. Very trippy, nice to wind down to or sleep to.
I'm usually not into that chill out thang ...
But i remember that we played Bruno Lepetre's
Chill House mix he did for Cafe del mar until someone noticed
the CD was looping ...
Fine piece of chill ... it was the first Chill House CD ... not the

... so i better get the second as well ...
thnx wfusteve ...

which do you like most ?
I always get them mixed up- I started off with 2, so it must be good enough to have made me get #1.

Bruno also came out with Global Lounge Sessions- just bought last week. It's got a very Brazilian feel.

As for chill house, another good one is Miguel Migs- Nude Tempo
... global lounge ... cool ...
Yes. Miguel Migs hits midtempo beats too. But he's great.
Luv Sounds or takin u over large ... kickin
I have to mention Kruder & Dormeisters K&D Session.
I hardly know a place run without this work ...

Why not check out the ANOTHER LATE NIGHT series they pick a load of well know DJ/Producers and get them to do a mix check ZERO 7, GROOVE ARMADA

they do the same thing
check out Back to mine with Faithless and sister bliss (WICKED)

Buddha bars CD's Volumes 1, 2 3, and 4 all great, 2 is the best!!
Ses Salinas Sessions by John Sa Trinxa
Check out

Cafe Del Mar (20020
Es Vive
Beach House (2002)