what kind of clothes for winther clubbing???


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its cols as hell already, and you cant wear anything cool.
What do you guys in the northern countries wear when you go out???
Its always still boiling in the clubs so I always just make sure I've got my lovely thick winter coat on, and a bag to put in the cloak room with my hat scarf and gloves.

I remember going out when it was really cold one night a couple of years ago, and my friends all laughing at me - they weren't laughing when we had stood in the queue for half an hour and it was snowing!!!!
hehe apparently not. Thing is i like to wear bare legs and short dresses or a pair of cool pants and a minitop. but this is impossible!!! it gets below 10 minus degrees here!
try to get a longer coat, ive got a fitted leather look coat that goes just below my kness , when its that cold, it just takes that extra bite away while you outside.

if that fails, leg warmers are back in fashion?!?!
I wear exactly the same as I wear in summer, little skirt and top, but I always take my big parka jacket out with me.