What is this Track Oakenfolds playin!

i should know, i really should.

its on tiesto's new album nyana i think

but i don't know what its called

Right! Im getting that Nyana! U not there then Rob? Guess u gonna be waiting for Jeff Mills and Marky later? (as i am) lol
Listening to it now- its got that track Oakey played at Homelands :)

One of the cds is pretty similar to his new years set in Florida, u heard that one, he opens with Scumfrog's remix of Iio's at the end- Sweeet! :)
did you hear the last but one tune that he played (i think), his new tune - Hypnotised! i like that!
Nice- that track is an hour into cd2 of Nyana. Play it in media player and set the visual to Vox in the Plenoptic menu,- Now think of that giant eq in Amnesia :):)