What is the name of this resturaunt?


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were off to Ibiza again in june, and we were at an excellent resturaunt at the end of our hols last year, but cant remember the name of it.

these are some pics from it, does anyone know what the name of it is?

Its just outside san an i'm sure.


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Not a lot to go on, but the 1st pic reminds me of the entrance/parking of Can Prat,but that's in Bossa so....

Also,if that's you in the 2nd pic looks like you are wearing my nicked short shorts :eek:
On closer inspection I now realise they are not my shorts, sorry to have cast suspicion onto your mate...:)

(whoever he is)
Ive got those patio chairs at Home. Got them from Tesco 3 years ago. They could do with bit of Teak oil though.
sure its on the road from Sant Josep to San Antonio, its on the left hand side when travelling into san an.
Ive got those shorts at Home. Got them from Walmart 13 years ago.

maybe if you'd said it was just outside san jose (200 metres) as opposed to outisde san an (10 kms) it would have been easier to guess. it opened last week btw

ps where's the photo of beefy botham gone?

the whole point of the post was to find out where it was as i wasnt sure, if i knew it was outside an jose i would have said!!!! cheers anyway!! ffs

[FONT=&quot]'Es Mirador is 300 metres from the centre of San Jose on the road down to San Antonio[/FONT]'

maybe thats where i got san antonio from???
if you didn't know where it was then why bother to tell us it was outside san antonio. your quizzes are more difficult than mackie's.
to find out where it was as i 'wasnt sure'

i knew it was between san an and san jose, weather it be nearer san an or san jose i 'wasnt sure'.

anyway, you found it. was it hard?

sure u'll be good at any future quizzes.

and thanks again! :lol:
have you read our rules recently?

3.2A.4 - Anyone wishing to post a quiz on the forum should ensure that they know the correct answer first.

that's why i had to ban warren for a week.