What is a Man to do?

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touchdown in 'biza in less than 1 week now, can't wait......but where is the best place to get the old pharmaceuticals this year? Preferably round the Ibiza town / Playa d'en Bossa end of the island. Last year was buying off the dodgy African geezers in San An, but was getting paranoid I was gonna get mugged or ripped off.

ta very much!
I saw alot of those guys last year, on my way to Eden one of them tried to put something into my hand, didn't know what it was and I did not want to know!
Have some respect for the board :eek:

You can't go asking stuff like that here.

Do you really think people are gonna point you in the right direction :eek:

Sorry but everyone could be asking the same questions, but you just don't

i didn't read this post properly untill now.

Drew you are right! sywater pls do not ask where and how to get drugs.
Not open for further replies.