what does 18-30s mean??


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Ok i'm Canadian and this is the first time ive ever heard of 18-30's what does this exactly mean? I've heard it used when talking about the West End and such.. but to be honest i'm totally clueless..

Its a holiday especially designed for 18-30 year olds, but younger or older people can go on it. It consists of pub crawls during the night and drinking games during. Its a great holiday if you like that sorta thing.

It's where you'll find the classic 'Beer Monsters' and 'Slappers'
18 - 30

I just got back from Ibiza, and we ended up going with 'Twentys' smiliar to 18-30. I wouldnt do it again, although I suppose it was a good laugh from time to time!

The thing that really pissed me right off though was the little Ben Shirman Tossers that assume that they can just grope you as and when they please and apparantly No, doesnt mean no, unless acompanied by a slap or a shove! We were a group of four 23 year old girls, not slappers, not there for a shag, but for the clubs and the Ibiza atmosphere, and our appartments were full of 17 & 18 year old groups of lads who would come in and slam doors, bang on the walls and shout for an hour. Nevertheless, at least it was one way of seeing Ibiza and I would go back but probably to Ibiza Town, much nicer!

I really enjoyed the clubs, we went to three in one week (due to limited funds), Privalege, Eden and Amnesia, and I LOVED Amnesia, the atmosphere was fantastic! there was no groping or gorping at our boobs in the clubs, just freindly people all smiling and enjoying the music together... (until a little Ben Shirman tosser pinched my arse n the dancefloor in Cream...! I was so f***ing angry I turned around and punched him a few times little twat get back in the west end if thats what you are out for!)

That last bit that poppie wrote cracked me up, i would have payed money to see that. Those muppets all deserve a slap!!!

Did he cry and go running back to his mummy?

It makes me feel sick! I was fuelled by anger! lol!

Sorry phill didnt see the bottom line - No he just pretended not to notice! (could see his bottom lip wobbling though...!)
I've got a late deal at a 18-30s hotel - £280 per person fopr 2 weeks, and I know which hotel it is too. Just need to meake it clear that I wouldn't buy any of their excursions in a million years.

I've heard that rather than take no for an answer at the welcome meeting they knock on your door throughout the holiday, cheeky f***ers.
Johnny, I'm ashamed to say that we ended up doing three excursions, which seemed a good price at the time, but yes, they did take the piss and yes, they were shit, well, one of them was Manumission, and it was a good night, but the other two, a water party at es paradis and the all you can drink for two hours in a bar in the West end! - I'm so embarrassed to have done that! The girls I was with were keen and I didnt want to get left behind! I suppose as we were only there for a week and wanted to be shown around a bit, although, there are better ways of being shown round! :oops:
Very amusing posts Poppie - but you still didn't get to the best clubs - Pacha and El Divino - make sure you do next time!!

Jonny, it's true about the reps banging on the door - the first time we travvelled to the island some years ago, they banged and banged and banged on our door for f*****g ages until we opened it and they immediatly tried to pour tequila down our necks - 8am, 2 HOURS after arriving. Knobheads.

Chicken feast on a boat - MY ARSE

Piss-up in the west end with luke the blonde haired tosser and Donna the fat slapper (reps)? I'D RATHER DRINK BOG WATER OUT OF EDENS SHITHOUSES
I know this may sound cruel but we tried an 18-30's a couple of years ago and they tried to get us on loads of expensive shitty trips, but we decided before we went that we weren't doing any of them.

As long as you make your intentions clear at the start they never bothered us. We just said if they made our lives a misery then we'd make theres 10 times worse, now this did help with about 15 lads together.

Sounds harse but dont let them bully you!!!!
Youre right Funkster!

I really wanted to go to Pasha, and to Space aswell, but my mates, arnt really into the club scene and one of them only took £220!

It was all I could do to pursuade one of them to go to Godskitchen with me! (in the end I paid the daft cow in because I didnt want to go on my own! we got the tickets 2 for 1 though so it was lucky!)

Never mind, maybe next time
club 18-30 to manumission

poppie said:
well, one of them was Manumission

maybe this explains some of the recent bad reports about manumission

You did not like the water party?? How come? I have never been there and was thinking of going when I am there in september, it sounded neat when I read about it!! :confused:

The water party, was a twentys held affair, in the afternoon, with loads of reps running round chucking used beer cups of water at us. They kicked off the party, by picking out random sad people who were up for sexual positions games and everytime the music stopped, they had to get into whatever position they were told. mmmm what fun. :rolleyes:

Everyone crowed into the middle where the water pours out from, and the music was a bit cheesy to be honest. You were either in the middle of it, or stood around wishing you were sunbathing!

A couple of reps also tried to pick me up and chuck me into the middle, so I dug me claws into him to make him stop.

Its my own fault for joining into this crap, I won't ever get involved with excursions again! We thought we were getting a bargain with Manumission in there, and they got us there etc. But as we qued for the busses outside our apartments, there were just loads of shouting Ben Shirman kids, and I just felt ashamed to be associated with them. The reps said to us, don't worry, they'll never get in, they are too pissed.

Also whilst we were in Manumission, in the chill out bit, there were two or three of these idiots being sick all over the cusions where people were sitting. What twats.
:eek: this sounds shit! :evil:

as in that it would nearly put you off goin :evil: :evil: :!: :!: :!:

utter bollox

Re: 18 - 30

LOL poppy! you explained it how it is, i hated it in the west end, thats why i steered clear of it, we just drank at the hotel and in the hotel bar and went straight to the clubs, or we went down the sunset strip (where mambo and cafe del mar are) and drank down there, its a shame u didnt get to see Pacha or Space, they are wicked clubs, Pacha is a bit of a trek to get to if your staying in San An like we were, but is really nice inside, its got great decor and makes most if not all other clubs look scrutty and downgrade! LOL its also VERY big, loads of rooms everywhere, kinda like a maze! hehehe, oh and Space, now thats one VERY diff club, i never went to Sundays at Space, but i went to manumission carry on and also the morning after Pacha and its great, the atmosphere is really good, its just weird dancing away in the sun (we stayed in the terrace mainly), if u go back next year u should defo go there. I loved ibiza, im glad i stayed away from the west end, didnt really fancy some 16 year old slapper trying to get down my pants, dunno where she been! :D hehe

Wat dates did u go? i guessing it was pretty much same time as me, i went to the manumission opening party, the Ministry of Sound Opening party and the Cream at Amnesia opening party. (16th - 30th June)
Defo gonna go back next year but with better mates, i went with one mate this year and he just f*cked off with a french girl for over half the hol
Resurrecting this post as we are going with Twentys this month!

If any little bug ger tries grabbing MY butt he will know about it !