What about trance?


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I'm a bit worried. I'm only 16 and I won't be able to visit Ibiza until possibly next year, probably the year after. My problem is that everyone keeps talking about all these tunes that are big or are going to be big in Ibiza and it all sounds a bit 'housey'. Is Trance gonna survive in Ibiza for the next few years, or did Trance just peak on Ibiza in 99' and now its slowly dying? :cry:
there will always be some trance on the island.

as long as cream are there supplying the goods you'll have plenty of trance to talk about.

btw binary finary is a great tune.
Interesting question young man :D

There is a lot of cack trance around these days but at the same time if you catch Tiesto, Armin, PVD, Oakie etc they are still delivering the goods :D I don't think it will ever be as good as 98/99 the peak Crasher years and all that but there is still some good trance around.

Cream will still be around, it's their 9th year on island this year and it's going as strong as ever. Don't know if Gatecrasher will be back there next year, spose it depends how successful this year is.

Ibiza is definitely more 'housey' but there are some good trance nights as well :D
Music is ever evolving so in 2 years time trance might be big again it. House seems to be bigger than ever at the moment especially on the island. there will always be different clubs with different music. so i wouldn't worry binary. 1998 and 1999 were good years for trance but to be quite honest most of the music of that time that we were hearing was stuff from germany and holland that had been released in 94 and 95. english were slow on the trance uptake. In another year there might be some really amazing tunes coming out that is a whole new genre.
watch this space.
p.s. Binary finary was an amazing tune. I remember first hearing it in cream and thought my head was going to explode. you can really rattle your speakers with it if u turn up the treble and turn the knob that says cutoff / frequency. be careful you don't blow anything up.
Binary finary was actually knicked from a tune called gouryella which was done by ferry corsten in 1995 or 6, they took the idea and made binary finary more intense.
Sorry i have a head full of crap.
Yeah. I've been thinking about it and in fact House is quite an 'old' style that has recently bounced back. Mabye trance will do the same.

By the way, the tune was not called Binary Finary. It was called 1997 and was written by Portsmouth based Matt Laws in 1995. He met two blokes called Stuart Matheson and Ricky Grant and they became 'Binary Finary'. In 1997 the tune, by that point called 1998, was released on Aquarius records along with a re-mix by Paul van Dyk. It was re-named to 1999 and was re-mixed by Kay-Cee and Gouryella and was released on Positiva records. This is where the confusement is. The Gouryella mix was the one that was big. Gouryella are made up of DJ Tiesto and Ferry Corsten who released their first tune 'Gouryella' in 1999. 1999 became 2000 when it was re-mixed by Jam X & DeLeon. Binary Finary have now split up but Matt Laws uses the name DJing around the world in places like Canada and Australia. Stuart Matheson lives in London and has a project called re:form. Hope that has set the record straight! :D
but i bought gouryella in 1996
and then i got binary finary- 1997 in 97
did they redo gouryella again in 1999
i just thought that cos binary finary sounded like gouryella that they must have nicked the idea.
i know gouryella was released in the uk in 1999 but i got a german import of it in 1996 i have most of my trance tunes on import from 1996 and 1997. most of the stuff i bought then came out in the uk in 1999 though.
i was thinking exactley the same. im not a great fan of house but i love good trance or a little techno. robo told me goskkitchen@amnesia bang out some trance. sound all good to me.

I find myself listening to an awful lot of trance in the last month or so... Trance may actually have a good year..... I can't wait for Tiesto & PVD @ Cream when I'm in Ibiza....
Used to love my trance in 97-99 but it got a bit silly for me and i moved to prog

First year i went clubbing to Ibiza was Stardust, Morales, Greece 2000 and El Nino year

on the Binary Finary tune - always thought the PVD was the berries
Trance will not die off completely. I remember a slight lull at the start of 2001 and going to see PVD at Cream and my mate shouting at the end "and they say trance is dead??" sure enough it bounced back a few months later.

A lot of my mates have gone on to other genres but all agree that you can't beat a good bit of trance to lift you up in a club more than any other type of music.

I'm sure it will come back into favour again soon, well hopefully coz although I will give other music a listen it's only trance that gets me going :D