Westwood's residency@pacha??


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How do you all think this will go down. Allbeit its in the global room, but do you think it will be a good move by the underwater team???
Can't beat a bit of hip-hop, absolutely loving 50 Cent's album at the mo.

Don't think I could handle Tim 'Get Out of Bed/Drop the Bomb' Westwood tho. He was at Homelands last year on the outside stage and he was pants :rolleyes:
sanchez - you seem to like a lot of different musical styles. Which of course is a good thing!
o no

their goes the neighboroughhood. i can't stand him would not waste the money on him...he just chats sh******************t...all day ...
he a wonabbie someone else.....think ibiza should do the right thing and ban him now save us all........