West end ibiza!!!!!


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wheres your favourite place in the west end ------> ibiza to visit!!!!!!!

Mine has got to be -----> play2 a treat of a night!!!!!
i also like joe spoons (as a warm up however--->) its good to chill outside and watch the sites!!!!! he he)
my fav

got to be little ibizian bar called flowers well it's in spanish.
also can't get enough of sgt peppers.

and for a bit of head banging and jagermister can't be the rock garden.

or nitelife, when splimatt is doing his once a fortnight old skool session.

but i could go on and on, did i mention ibiza idea of a kebab.

well i will be back again in june
Flowers?????????? i must of misssed that one!!!!!
sgt peppers is sound!!!!!! Mr toff!!!!!!! as a warm up aswell is o.k!!!!!!

favourite bar has to Bar M i no it oisnt in the westend but it is pure funk-----> class!!!!!!
fav bar

my fav bar has to be mezzanine past the sunset strip.

can't beat it.

do you go to the bar which serve, tons of shut all like sweet's
mars bar, bounty, pear drop love starting a night their and going through the list. can't remeber the name though
never heared of that!!!!!! i never really ventured to the strip last year cos i was living the dream in the west end!!!!!! this year however i will be venturing to the strip if not just to watch the sunset!!!!!!
Robo said:
how can u stay in san an and not manage to go to the sunset strip.....

its all about getting a drink!!!!! i stayed closer to the bay so i had to walk forstley past barM so they hosted a lot of pree parties and so did the bar next to it!!!!!(carnt think of the name) so it was all about go there then westend for some dirt and cheap drinks!!!!!
actaually stephen, i know what you mean thinking about it. Do you know PIMS in cala llonga?? well Beryl the part owner has never yet been to the sunset strip and she has lived in ibiza for 20 years+. I still find that amazing.....
sgt peppers that place is the most rankest horrid smelliest place ive ever had the misfortune to step in.
now here's one i know.
there are two bars called sgt peppers
one is called sgt peppers 1 - in san an
and the other is sgt peppers 2 - in cala de bou

as for you robo,

i don't go to the sunset strip because it totally does not appeal to me. i mean what is the point of coming all the way to ibiza to live and then hanging about with the same crew i could see in manchester on any saturday night?
hmm west-end´s generally no good except for the sunset strip and the area around Bar-M and Coastline, Kasbah ect.....but the middle of West-end near the bars - yuk!!
how disapointing folks, no one like the highlander?

hi all by the way, after a long absence!
fergie said:
how disapointing folks, no one like the highlander?

hi all by the way, after a long absence!
Thought I hadn't seen you round for a while! Where have you been, this forum is better than ever now!
hows it goin rob?!!

good to hear you once again! since hq went down, i've been on a post famine! been busy as hell at uni and work coupled with my home pc packing up. that is a massive post count you have there my freind! ever hear from any hq-ers, do you have sunrising's e-mail?