Welove organisers in London....


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Hi all,

looks interesting:

'We Love' club nights come to London

Promoters of Ibiza's We Love Sundays event are launching a new bi-monthly London night at The End.

The residency will start on February 8, with We Love Basics - a joint party involving the famous Leeds' club night.

Production duo SWAG will play in the main room alongside Back To Basics' residents Ralph Lawson and Paul Woodford.

The lounge will see sets from Howie B, Frenchman, Pedro Winter and Dave Beer.

Organiser Darren Hughes told BurnItBlue.com:

"We want to take the We Love concept further by simply working with people we're into - The End and Basics being two great examples - rather than going on the road with massive tours. "

More information about the night is available from:

All these nights are not good for London ;) January/February/March are meant to be quiet months for clubbing but at the moment there are about 10 things I want to go to in London every wkend...........Ministry has got some damn fine line-ups the next few wks, as has The End, The Cross, Pacha and Turnmills...............combined with Moneypenny's doing stuff in London this year plus the return of Pushca YAY :D I can see 2003 going downhill fast for me :eek: ;)
Checked out We love...basics on saturday @ the end. Great music and a nice ground.

And Ralph Lawson - boy he is one of the best dj's i have seen in a long time! Great funky tribal music at its best.

Has anyone else seen this guy?