Weekend Plans


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Very excited for first friendly of my footy season tomorrow. No where near fit, after a hamstring tear and then 3.5 weeks of illness, but hope to be nearer to it by first league game on the 18th September.

Rest of the weekend will be whatever the kids fancy - they are back to school on Monday!
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Cuckoo Land at Ibiza rocks yesterday really good fun as had a bed. Today chilling by pool to conserve what money we have left 😅 Joel Correy at Ibiza rocks tomorrow which I'm looking forward too. My birthday monday so nice meal booked in the evening!
Was it you that freaked me out by knowing my name lol!


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Weekend plans for me.

My best mate and ex Rocks host lands tonight so arrival drinks and whatnot.
Tomorrow I'm working in the day but having one of our Bennett BBQ's in the evening before it gets wavey from Mon onwards
What time Sunday then Tiff?