Weekend Plans?


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Its Thursday....what is everyone up to?

Mine consists of a few drinks tonight for work mates b.day but nothing too heavy as gotta be in work early tomorrow :cry:, Friday night a nice quiet night in to myself as BF is out.....Saturday got flat viewings and then off to my friends for the day who is getting married for a "hair and make up trial" sounds interesting!!!, then Sunday hopefully relaxing 8)
This is the traditional "empty cities" weekend cos everybody is on vacations, so most of my friends are away but

Tonight: drinks in Gracia with a friend
Tomorrow: work until 15.00 and then HOLIDAYS for three weeks. Probably hitting Gracia again cos it's the festivity and there's tea dance in the streets and concerts in the squares.
Saturday: sunbathing, gardering, domestic stuff and at night cinema and drinks with a friend
Sunday: paella at a friend's
Monday: packing
Tuesday: going to Berlin for two weeks 8)
Thursday - Might drop in on 2 separate leaving parties for guys I know
Friday - Evening drinks at Krysha Mira, grand opening of dancefloor at newly-reopened club Garage, randomness, end up back at Krysha Mira in the morning
Saturday - Watch football. See Skye (ex-Morcheeba) at outdoor concert in Hermitage Gardens. Attend parties some friend are promoting at Restauration and Vanilla Ninja.
Sunday - Crash
Ha - early weekend for me.......

Birthday tomorrow so off work and going to chillax and spend all my birthday vouchers 8)

Mr JamMan arrives for a cup of tea before heading off on his weekend of debauchery in the toon....

Sat: ???

Sun: ???

THEN I have the next week off as vacation - sooo looking forward to that I have no plans other than to see what I feel like each day when I get up - :lol:8)
I feel like I've been soooo busy this past month with holidays, moving flat, festivals etc (it's a hard life isnt it :lol: ) that this weekend I plan on chilling in my new pad, enjoying the surrounding area, might hit Dalston cafe for a fry up on Saturday followed by a few beers. Then got the parents coming round on Sunday for a roast on Broadway market. Nice! :D
Long awaited visit from DT. First time in Switzerland.


The venue is awesome

In hindsight i should have planned a weekend at home doing nothing - but no, not me :lol:

Fri: Friends are trying to drag me over for a few drinks at theirs which always turns into staying over but i must resist.

Sat am: Hair appointment at 09:00am, what a silly idea :spank:
Sat pm: Going over to Redditch for dinner and drinks at the in-laws, staying over.

Sunday: Popping over to B'ham (since we're in Redditch already) to see my Mom, it's been 4 weeks already (which is bad for me) i'll probably get the snidey 'who are you comments' :rolleyes:
No idea - also very busy life planning so not much room for anything else. :confused:

Considering going to the Milk festie thingy in Vauxhall for a daytime disco fix. 8)
Long awaited visit from DT. First time in Switzerland.


The venue is awesome


That looks sweet 8) Saw L Wolf last week, was quite impressed 8)

Me :- Friday fair with littl'un then early dinner out.
Saturday Chill with a film
Sunday Watch LFC thrash spurs then dinner followed by Wally Lopez in our local.
Tonight not much!
Tomorrow meeting a Client over from Bermuda in the am!
Then heading to Cheltenham, where i've got 1 of my business partners coming to stay at my Mum's with his kids!
Got the excitement of going to the Cotswold Wildlife park sunday, swiftly followed by spurs liverpool in the pub, to see the mighty yids dent those red's title aspirations!!

Lets hope the sun shines!!
Tonight I'm off to Sankeys in Manchester to see Gareth Emery and Above and Beyond and I'm rather excited about this. Will probably party thorough a good chunk of tomorrow and then the rest of the weekend will be spent recovering.:D
Bugger! Was meant to be hurling myself out of a plane today, but it's too cloudy. Next week now hopefully.

Off to the zoo instead....