Wee Trip, June and Septmber 2019 - Updated


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So, I had a little trip to London for work...tough week. I was staying in the Hard Rock hotel that had just opened and after having a few drinks down the Sportsmen casino had a little all nighter....couldnt sleep. We were off for most of the next week for Eid (although still had to go into work Monday). Spontaneously at 5am decided to book a flight to Ibiza. Next, I am on a flight back to Dubai - made the most of it if trougth be told. Got home and within 6 hours, i needed to be down in Abu Dhabi for my 2am flight to Barcelona. Of course i came home and crashed so it was a mental rush to bung stuff into a bag and jump in a car. In the end made it with plenty of time and had a few vinos in the lounge. Bizarre seat up on the plane where you are sitting in the opposite direction.. For the first time ever, I think, spept on the flight (which was clearly a good thing for what was to become). Get up 90 minutes to go and managed to neck 2 bloody mary's and 4 champers (I'd used my miles to upgrade to business class). So front at Bareclona at about 8am....changed some pounds that id won at the casion to Euros.. Oh shit, I havent booked anywhere to stay...a quick search and got a good deal here: https://www.oneibizasuites.com/en/ibiza-suites-figueretas. Had a few breakfast pints and then onto a Veuling to Ibiza. Thankfully i'd paid extrra for a front seat so that i could make sure that i would get my bag on.

Arrived in Ibiza at about 10am, nae bother getting out of airport to hotel. Turned up at the hotel and a guy came out and picked up my bags etc. Not surprisingly my room wasnt ready but they gave me a few free drinks up in their room terrace. 11am, sitting looking over the sea...perfect...although i was sorting out a few things at work.

Got into my room and crashed the mini bar and now i was in full flow.

Walked along the beach down to PDB and picked up some XYZ... not really sure what to do with my night. Bought tickets for Solomun at Pacha. Went for a wee sundown boogie and back to hotel. Decided to nip down to Glitterbox at Hi. Wasnt sure what to expect but i must say it was awesome. Yes hi is not Space and i think after a year or 2 i can finally accept this. Met lots of new people and a few girls from Manchester who i'd become quite good friends with over the next few days, I know its cheesy, but Melon Bomb in the bogs was brilliant. We had really strong drugs (maybe part of this is that given where i live i dont partake on a regular basis). Next thing i know its about 5 am and the thought of using my ticket for Pacha was long gone. Been before on a Sunday before and this was a new experience and actually the easy tunes were probably good for me what with being out of the clubbing scene for some time. Ofcourse, I lost my card for my room which also had my credit card but that was a minor blip. Ended up taking the girls back to my apartment and had a few pints. Couldnt sleep but ended up forcing myself at about 11am. Missed breakfast in the hotel.

Got up at about 4 and took a wee line for a pick me up. Not sure what happened next but my next recollection is me in Amnesia for Pyramid (I think I may have went to Bora Bora at this point - anyway I recall Bora Bora was actually really good, back to its best from years gone by). Had intended to go to DC10 before but i guess i must be getting old (the days of doing a Circoloco/Cocoon double header are clearly beyond me now). I turns out i took one of the girls from Manchester with me. Amnesia have really improved their outside/smoking area since i was last there. We had tickets for the balcony whcih were 20E higher but you got a free drink. Didnt really spend much time there but it was good for a breather. HAd about 10 minutes in the Club room - great space but the action really was on the terrance. Tini was brilliant and by the time Villalobos came on things were in full spring. The set-up was brillaint. Proably a bit more commercially tinged that i was expecting but great all the same. The mxing was top notch. The lighting and prodcution really was great - stobes in pyramid shapes etc. The girl said here heart was beating too much so I took her home at about 6. A few pints on the balcony and sorted a few work issues and off to bed at about 10. Missed breakfast in the hotel.

Got up at about 6 and realised it was now Tuesday. I had then realised that I hadnt had anyting to eat since my London flight on the Friday night. Oooops. Went out to one to th reastuarants nearby which i subsequently threw up on the walk home. Had a beer on my balcony and then off to bed at about 1am.

Given my early night, I felt fresh as a daisy and made it for breakfast. Lovely hotel for food i must say, buffet option and al a carte. I had eggs benedict and a couple of glasses of Cava. Set me right up for the day. Had a wee snooze and then walked into Ibiza Town. MY shoes had desintegrated and i looked like a tramp if througth be told (remember i just bunged a few things in my bag on the way). Bought a nice new pair of levis shoes and some socks (i had only brought one pair with me - as i say tramp). whcih i changed into in the square and dumped my Ferrari Pumas. Went along the harbour and had half a dozen pints in one the reastaurants and a sandwich (progress on the food front). Stopped off at Mar Y Sol for a few more drinks (when i was here in February - regretably a day trip where i disgraced myself down San An Yacht Club - another story - it was under refubishment and looks good). I like this bar, great for chilling/watching the world go by and affordable. I got the taxi boat back to my hotel (theres a little harbour next to it) and then ordered a massage... Went to Restuarante Principle for dinner which was good - 3 meals in one day was amazing. Things are still kicking off and the only thing on that night was Flower Power. Went with an open mind and really enjoyed myself in what was the Funky room - i can see the appeal but the main room is just not for me for this night Met lots of cool people up in the terrace. Danced my socks off and got home the back of 7. Had a few pints on the balcony and then off to airport for my 10am flight. Made it no bother - 3 hours in Barcelona airport (few glasses of wine) and then onto Emirates flight back to Dubai. CAnt remeber much but when later i went to the bar for a drink, the air stewrdess said that I had boarded and then passed out - she guessed id been to ibiza

It was home in the early hours of FRiday which was a good decision...Obviously took a few day to readjust but made work on the Sunday fine. Sweating a bit, but fine - certainly in better shape when i've turned up back from Ibiza in the past (i've learned to have a few days to crash when getting back)

So, all in all, a great short break. Fantastic time to go as not too busy and brilliant weather. No doubt i'll be back September/October.


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It's the travel back to Dubai or Abu Dhabi where ye both live I'd be freaking about . My friends brother went to visit him in Dubai few years ago and when he unpacked he found a 6 tray of poppers he didn't know was in his bag.. everyone in the apartment freak..?
If you looked at my previous review where my bag was lost going home with shorts i had on directly after Space...and when i spent 2 days at home with a double lock on and checking how i could jump out from my third floor...you can understand what we go through! I got my bag by the way.

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How quickly do you drink a pint?! I would be in that bar for half a dozen for absolutely hours! sounds like a lot of fun mate, trip well done