Wednesday nights at Pacha



Have unfortunately just got back home to England (thankfully no delays as we had expected due to the strikes) but had a wicked last night at Pacha. Eric Morillo rocks!!

Apart from the fact that the crowd were far too skinny and beautiful for my liking I can't fault the night! Great music, lovely people and, to my mind, one of the best clubs - what more could you want? It was definitely my favourite night and I'd recommend it to anyone for this year 8) .

Am going to bed for a week now! Anyone heading out there soon have a good one! ;)
After a week of eating end drinking my way through half the island's food and booze I wasn't one of the skinniest people at Pacha! I'm sure they're all lovely people - I just think they should put on some weight - what do they eat all the time - lentils?

i was there one wednesday last year and it was the most incredible night utter madness. I got the CD and relive it sometimes - back two weeks on wednesday. Tell me what happened???
Me and my friend pulled a couple of nice men from Barcelona actually! ;)
Darren Emerson 4 Underwater

Darren Emerson started his set around 2 am.
He made his contribution to turn this night
into something special.
The crowd was cheering for party and he delivered.
He mixed up sounds that rather sound classical
to electronic music. There were horns and violins but all laid out
in a progressive/deep house beat explosion.
He played around with trancy breaks and uplifting chorusses
but all to serve the sweating crowd.
Couldn't manage to guess the music
(but only thei french kiss theme, which i didn't like a lot)
but anyway Darren rocked the house ...

Check out for further sets during this season.
I'd love to see him teaming up with Underworld again
for a show ...

Anyone got information on this ?
Nice review. I'm going 10th July. I am dreaming about it until then. Emerson is just astonishing. What can i say.

Well Vicki I really have to agree with you! I was there that night too and it rocked - know what you mean about the "beautiful" people!
P'eed me of a bit too, but everyone is out for a good time and we all look just as sh*tty as each other at 7.00am in the morning!

Remember when they played "Sweet Dreams" - fantastic, yeah Lil' Louis too. I think a Prince song was played, but memory a wee bit hazy.

Going back to the Island in 6 weeks and can't wait!