I'm in Ibiza from Monday....I've read on the weather site that there is gonna be scattered thunder storms....Are any of you lot over there now? What's it really like at the mo? Is there still tanning oportunities between the storms or is it gonna be like a wet weekend in Blackpool...Boooooo Hooooooooo
Even if it pissed down it would still be AMAZING!

And hot

It rained when I was there last year- in August, but its nothing like the cold wet weather of England.

Its all good in Ibiza baby
Don't worry therapy, in these latitudes and this time of the year persistent rains are not common. It's possible that due to the heat some storms might appear. But summer storms are very short, however they use to pour a big amount of rain, so take cover when it's coming. ;)

Moreover summer storms are most likely at the end of the summer (september) and not at the beginning.

You'll get a good suntan. I started a few weeks ago going to the beach occasionally and I'm getting it.

Thanks for your replys..if I knew how to insert the little acid men I'd put a big smile and a wink!