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So…in the end i couldn’t resist and went to ibiza once more this year – for new years. It was the first time I went to ibiza absolutely off-season, but already knowing how quiet the island is in the end of april and from mid-october onwards, I knew what to expect more or less. And also, we didn’t really go for clubbing reasons (that's also why i'm putting the review in this forum and not the clubbing one)

What we did in the past few days was…

Enjoying the quiet. We drove north, saw portinatx dead, looked how cala d’en serra looks in December, had a look at the Christmas night market at Las Dalias and took a stroll through Santa Gertrudis. Then we took some nice walks on deserted beaches…really beautiful to see the beaches empty! We also drove on top of Sa Talaia and enjoyed the views from up there. The island is so green in winter! I know, I should come back at the end of January for the almond tree blossom. we also drove to the Pla de Sta Agnes and i have an idea how beautiful that area must look in a month's time…the island is generally really beautiful in winter. And peaceful. Everything is really cool and relaxed.

having great food generally. A lot of good restaurants stay open all year round. And moreover, some of the restaurants (which normally are known as pricey ones) serve fantastic and cheap lunch menues. We had a brilliant lunch at la brasa for example. Always one of my fave restaurants, but also one of the pricier ones. But wow, we had a lunch menue there for 10.50€ each! Another example? 20€ each for a 3 course lunch menue at the restaurant of El Hotel Pacha including a bottle of wine! (my first visit to el Hotel, i really recommend the restaurant there!)

New years eve. We went for dinner at casa colonial, a restaurant I only had discovered this summer. The food (a 7 course menue) was really good, as well as the wine. The only two negative points were that a) it was very german that night (I knew it’s really popular with the german island ressies, but still I didn’t expect it to be THAT german, especially because it isn’t during the season!) and b) the staff was a bit stressed out – but I guess that’s a general new years eve rule, no? still, we enjoyed it a lot and I surely will be back there some time next summer!
After dinner (and champagne, of course), the plan was to go El Ayoun for a drink and then to Pacha. We drove to El Ayoun, met quite a lot of people we knew there and hung around for a while. Instead of pacha, we went to underground after that, which was really busy! again, many known faces and best wishes for new year. In the end, we got tired earlier than we expected (running on low batteries on new years eve…well I rarely ever run on low batteries so I shouldn’t complain) and therefore we gave pacha a miss in the end (apparently the fiesta at Pacha wasn't that special anyway, but the place was packed). On new years day we slept a lot and therefore missed an afterhour at Hotel du Nord (not too far from KM5), which apparently really was the bomb and another fiesta at Sa Tasca (near San Augustin) which had been announced on this very forum. But at least, some time late afternoon, our clubbing stamina came back and we headed to martina, where another party was in progress. And this one also had quite an afterhour feel to it. so we still welcomed the new year with some shapes thrown ;)

Making a conclusion about winter clubbing in ibiza, I’d say it’s still cool, but really different to the summer. Places like underground, grial, somni, martina, pacha etc. are really cool and clubbing is quite intimate because of manymanymany familiar faces. The thing missing though (compared to the summer season) is the summery feel to it, and moreover, the internationality. So, if you come to ibiza in winter for clubbing reasons, don’t expect too much and you still can have some fun.

Making a conclusion about a stay in ibiza in winter, I’d definitely say GO!!!! As I said earlier, everything is really laidback and relaxed. Ibiza town is really cool in wintertime. There’s life around plaza de parque and the shops and bars in the centre are open (sales if you like shopping!). the port is closed down dead though. Talamanca is nice at lunchtime. Playa d’en bossa obviously is a ghost town, but a walk on the beach is really nice if the weather’s good. And also in Pdb, you find a few places open for a cup of coffee (by the way, that new ugly building on the left of garbi is still not finished and I’ve heard rumours they run out of money or something…really ugly). But the thing we definitely enjoyed most was the weather and the temperature. Well…here in Switzerland it’s almost -10 degrees Celsius right now and we rarely ever get more than +5 degrees during daytime in winter. In the past few days in ibiza, the temperatures were between +8 degrees (at night) and +18 degrees around lunchtime!!! Imagine yourself having lunch at new years day al fresco looking at the sea…I love ibiza in winter!!!

plaza de parque
hostal el parque, december 29th:


i saw this picture earlier and thought of you!! ;););)
Thank's nostrum,most informative.Have not been in off season myself,working on it!!

The phrase I most like to hear in october is "it's nearly winter,let's pour some more in there"...:D
i you include march as off season i loved it.Ibiza town was far busier than i imagined, as was cala vadella and san jose and san carlos
stivi, sorry i missed you.

we were in semi-hibernation after having been in england over christmas.

hasta pronto
. The island is so green in winter! ........the island is generally really beautiful in winter. And peaceful. Everything is really cool and relaxed

Hi mate, happy new year !!!

I love the island out of season, like you say, it is soooo green, and great to discover when quiet.

We went for dinner at casa colonial, a restaurant I only had discovered this summer. ....., we enjoyed it a lot and I surely will be back there some time next summer!

And i really like it here, the owner is as mad as a hatter, but the food is great. We had our pre wedding dinner there, there was 65 of us and it was fantastic. Highly recommended.
really nice!
lots of sightseeing and shopping and eating. there's also pacha, but we didn't go clubbing at all.