We Love Fresh Blood Entry

Here's the Tracklisting

1. Audiofly - Formula Juan (Original Mix)
2. Alex Niggemann - Deep Down (Original Mix)
3. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Last Day (Original Mix)
4. Loko - Lakausa (Original Mix)
5. Asem Shama - Metroman - (Original Mix)
6. Christian Smith - Indecent Exposure (Original Mix)
7. Carlo Lio - Breakfast In Bag (Original Mix)
8. Delano Smith - Truth (Original Mix)
9. Superlounge, Alex Niggemann - Mama Said (iO Remix)
10. Solomun - After Rain Comes Sun (Joris Voorn Dusty Dub Stab Mix)
11. Sid - Thwardpuzzle (Yapacc Remix)
12. DJ Hell, Christian Prommer, Peter Kruder, Bryan Ferry, Roberto Di Gioia - U Can Dance (Carl Craig V.2)
The sites down hosting the mix....:x

Ill come back to it later and have a listen... the track listing looks impressive tho.
Cool thanks Hammy.

Jas, lol you are correct at my age it is a bit of a stretch to call me Fresh Blood but as you said I haven't made it, whatever that means, so should I just give up? I have never played in Space and would do a lot to make that happen so I'll leave it up to We Love to decide if I qualify or not, glad you like the mix though ;-)
Yes, very good. However, I would question whether you qualify as being "Fresh Blood" given how long you have been going around?

I would have thought that it was time to give someone else the opportunity given you have had enough chances to make it and have not
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Eh? Issues, much?:lol:
That was pretty good (I put it on when doing my housework tonight - on a Thursday evening would you believe). I can imagine it in the Red Box (or 360 where I am off to tomorrow afternoon) rather than being on the terrace music somehow? Still enjoyed it and good luck!
Had this on in the car for a week or so. Some pretty tight mixing, its almost faultless in that sense.

I would say, and its only constructive i hope, is that it really doesnt take me a n a journey. The tracks, of which some of them are ones I would play are all pretty much the same. No peaks, troughs, builds, breaks etc.

Saying all that it is stiil in my car and still playing.
Thanks deepseadiver, glad you are enjoying it. Yeah I would agree with you it is more of a groove that is locked in rather than a journey.