Water testers still alive?


Steve Cash

A question to all clubbers who are already there or what a pity, already back again:

Is the tapwater in the clubs REALLY drinkable this year? There were lots of rumours about a new water pipeline system?

If you are still alive, plz confirm!

Yours Steve from Germany
tap water is only really drinkable for the locals as their bodies are used to the mineral concentration! would make people from other countries ill as all have different water supplies!
i thought that the whole point of the new water system was so that it was drinkable for all people!
When I worked there in 1982 .... yes, 1982 ... the water WAS drinkable, but not nice .... (salty) ...
Bad news, some friends were to Space Opening (the best party in their lives they said btw) and they checked that the tap water is still salty, so I wonder what about that new pipeline of fresh water all throughout the island that was opened in April.

BTW, people in the island drink bottled water, not tap water as ravemunky says. Nobody could drink that water unless you wanted to have serious hypertension problems, chills and fever.
So could I bring a Brita water filter with me to Ibiza and drink water out of the faucets if ran through the filter???
good idea about the water filter, not sure if it will work though.
I used to drink tab water in Pascha and Amnesia without Probs, though Space was indeed undrinkable....I guess i have a strong stomach :) and by the way: With all the shit loading in on Ibiza, water really is the smallest problem :lol: :lol: :lol:

Can anyone explain me the BRIKA WATER FILTER? its unknown here in germany, but maybe somethink similar is available...
Brita filters


Brita make pitchers that have replacable filters that filters out the crap in water and makes it taste better. I am unsure how it will work on that degree of aweful water. I cannot even get shampoo to suds up in the shower.

It would be worth a try though.