Water Taxis



The little boats from San An harbour ... do they still go to all the other beaches around the island? Specially Benniras for the sunsets ....
i believe that 'the big issue' are trying to sponsor a ferry round to benirras. other than that you have to drive............

the good news is that the road from puerto san miguel has now been surfaced so that normal cars can use it - previously it was discount jeep safari country!
Those water taxis are genius!!

Much better than getting the bus and far cheaper than a taxi!!
The second season I worked in Ibiza I lived in San Antonio Bay and I loved my little boat trip to work in the mornings. :D
water taxis as in the boeats that sail to calla bassa???
or where do you get to go on them????? how much are them

more info plz!
They leave from the harbour in San An and generally go the beaches. There are ones that go over to the bay and others that go to the further away beaches. There’s a little man who stands there all day shouting “CALA BASSA, CALA CONTA”. Not sure how much it is in Euros but it used to be about 200 - 300 pesetas for a return.
oh have been there then!!! it´s a good thing most definately!
bet someone would get pissed if they has trips to atlantis..Mcrackin??? :evil: :confused: ;) 8)