Water parks and fun activities for young children.


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Hi, We are visiting end of May with our two kids who ar 8 and 11.

They both really want to have a day at a water park. The only one i know of is the old one behind what was Space / now Hi. Is that still open...is it suitable for younger kids?

Are there any other water parks on the island...i had heard of some hotels having them and you can buy day passes into them.

Would like to sort something before going to keep them happy!

Also anything else to recommend for kids to do?

We are Ibiza vetrans and had a great time last time we visit, and we stay in San An.

Don Simon

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If you're staying in San An then the one in Port des Torrent might be handier.
In the grounds of the Sirenis Seaview/Aura hotel, called Aquagames.
No idea if it will be open then.


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They was one close to Destino in the past( never been inside really but don’t think is big ) but have no idea if it still open


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Does anyone know if the Aguamar (PDB) park is open this year? We will be over in August and my kids will be gutted if its closed - Its been part of our Ibiza holidays every year for the past 8 years (apart from ccovid times) along with Los Passajeros, Kumharras etc.!


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We went out for couple weeks last summer. The last few days checked into Sirenis Seaview Country Club for 3 nights all inclusive for something different & chill. Must say my kid loved the water park & entertainment. Loads kid clubs & activities for them especially football pitch & food was good. Wee Italian restaurant & few others across the road is included in the all inclusive which is handy ( must book these on arrival)


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@Hellraiser92 Thank you for the info.

Ive seen on recent google reviews of Sirenis Seaview Country Club and a few complains about the slides being uncomfortable (people getting injured with one person comparing a slide to a cheese grater lol)


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In Ibiza at the moment. 😊

Is the Aguamar open yet?

Also, anyone who has been to the Sirenis water park, are there lockers to put your stuff? Are there plenty of longers / seating for families too?