water park in ibiza


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HI,12 OF US ARE ABOUT TO GO TO CALA LLONGA END OF JULY,WE HAVE HEARD CONFLICTING reports about the water park,eg not worth the money,few rides,long long queues,is this correct and should we save our money?
depends if you wish to spend a day in playa den bossa.depends what day you go.wether you have to wait for rides.tour ops have day trips there.so if you hit the wrong day it will be busy.but fine rest of the time.for a laugh and say 1/2 day out.at least you will have gone to another resort and got out and bout in ibiza.plus you can nip over the road to bora bora beach bar for some tunes.

14 runs around every 20/25 mins but here is the 15 timetable..


its two buses away to get there .number 15 to ibiza then look for bustop where its says 14 to pdb.get ticket before you get on.little desk on outside of a cafe.
I'll be taking the kids there this year. Anyone know which day/s will be quietest?