Was macht eigentlich...DJ Gee?


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Hallo zusammen!
Es wird Winter und die Aktivitäten hier im Forum werden wieder deutlich weniger...
Zeit also für die beliebte Rubrik "Was macht eigentlich..."
Heute: DJ Gee Moore Gründer der kleinen Strandbar Bora Bora

Habe letztens von Gee gehört, das er eine neue Strandbar in der Nähe von Rio aufmachen will. Hat da jemand nähere Informationen zu? Hat ihn jemand schon mal wieder gesehen/gehört?


... er würde sich auf jeden fall im grab umdrehen,
wenn er wüsste, was aus "seinem" borabora" ...
... geworden ist !

... aber geht ja garnicht , der lebt ja noch,
also schaut halt mal auf einer seiner seiten nach,
da wird schon irgendwo stehen, wo er sich rumtreibt:


We would like to make it clear again for those that don’t know Gee Moore
and his Bora Bora concept are not in Ibiza any longer.
Gee created the Bora Bora beach party concept back in 1997.
[He is also the registered trademark owner of the name and concept
and is still making productions for his Bora Bora music label.]

Bora Bora, Gee and the many thousands of people who have gone to Bora Bora
have had the most incredible times over the years but at the end of 2005 summer
it was felt it was the end of an era and the right time he
and the true original Bora Bora concept to move on.

The music and vibe of the place last year and this is definitely not Bora Bora!
We would also like to make it very clear that we have no association whatsoever
with the DJs, the music or the way the venue is now run
whatever they decide to call it or pretend it is still,
any problems that are happening there are in no way linked to our name.

We understand that Jet continue to pretend that there was no change.
When we left, Jet did not announce any change but instead decided to continue
making parties in their own way where Gee was playing for the past 9 years
before 2006, but as anyone who has been there will know it is not the same venue
that Gee is famous for creating back in the 90s.

The only thing that has changed with the Bora Bora Company is that we have taken
the parties and concept away from Ibiza for the time being to travel further a field
and concentrate on opening new venues in other parts of the world.
The Bora Bora world tour is making its way around the globe and playing
in more countries than ever and the weekly international Bora Bora Radio programs
are now broadcast worldwide.

Bora Bora would like to take this opportunity to thank all the special friends
from over those years that have helped and continue to help make it the most famous
and much loved beach party in the world.
You are all very much part of true Bora Bora!
There is another Bora Bora double compilation due out this summer released again
on the DJ center record label and distributed by Intergroove called
“Bora Bora – Life is a beach”.
This will be the eighth compilation in the Bora Bora series by Gee Moore over the years
and follows last years’ most successful release entitled "Bora Bora - Sun of a Beach".
Love Bora Bora

We would like to thank all the people over the past nine years who have had such
memorable times their with Gee.
Every one of you is a part of the Bora Bora legend that Gee started all those years ago
and we love you all.

Bora Bora is getting BIGGER
There are also new Bora Bora beach clubs opening around the world
in the near future which will be proudly announcing the launch of soon.
Gee and the Bora Bora tour has been continually moving around the world
over the years and is now playing in more new countries than ever.
This coming year we have some amazing tour dates planned and we look forward
to seeing all our Bora Bora friends along the way.
Gee has worked hard to build Bora Bora into a famous internationally recognized
music concept.
The Bora Bora mark is registered as a trade mark and any engagements or bookings
for the club or tour have to be made through Gee or the official agency.
If you are interested in booking Gee Moore, the Bora Bora tour or would like to set up
a new official Bora Bora operation in your country then please e-mail us at:

BIOGRAPHY (Taken from the Bora Bora web site)

Gee Moore is a DJ and music producer, he had a musical upbringing in England
as a professional singer and guitarist in various bands from the age of fifteen.

In 1997 he started as DJ and founder of Bora Bora beach bar Ibiza
which rapidly became one of the most famous cosmopolitan beach bar clubs
in the world.
He is famed for not only his unique universal sound which covers nearly all styles
of dance music from House through to Techno but also for playing to the crowd
throughout his marathon 12 hour daily sets at Bora Bora from June to October
and he takes that summer vibe and smile with him on special Bora Bora tours
throughout the world.

Gee is currently on the Bora Bora world beach tour.
This successful tour started in Europe In the summer of 2004 and played to over
one million people at events such as the Zurich street parade, SW4 Clapham
common London and Heaven London with guest Danny Tenaglia
to a sell out crowed that many regard as the UKs gig of the year.
The tour proceeded around Asia before heading to South America at the start of 2005.

After the forced closure of Bora Bora Ibiza in 2004 (see Bora Bora story -
web.mac.com/boraboraworld) the search is on to find new Bora Bora Beach venues
around the world to continue its global success.

Gee was one of the organizers and DJs behind Tsunami Dance Aid charity event
which along with fifteen of the worlds A list DJs helped raise money for the people
were affected by the disaster that hit the west coast of Thailand at the end of 2004.

Early 2005 will saw the release of two more tracks on Media records Italy
under the artist title Gee and Slam Dunk Funk as well as other releases
and co productions on the new Bora Bora music label ...
Record and album releases of from Gee included the successful title track of
Gee & Slam Dunk Funk where hes in the process of establishing a new band
under the same name, he also works with co producers and has recently released
Electrogee, Put your foot down (and prey) and this year the long awaited release
of Take u inside with new remixes on DJ Certer rec.
These and many other productions of his were included on the Bora Bora
Hybrid CD/DVD compilation Bora Bora Live Vol One & Vol Two,
in 2004 it became the biggest selling compilation in Ibiza that summer

and received high adulation from the worlds music media.

In recent years Gee has compiled and recorded many more albums and singles
not only for the Bora Bora series but for many other leading record companies
to add to his impressive production collection..

Gee has now started the Bora Bora music label which aims to release his and other producers work.

Apart from Bora Bora and the tour Gee has over the years also played under his own
name for other events in Ibiza for the likes of Mauro Picotto / Meganite at Privilege,
Defected in the house at El Divino as well as holding residency for Salvacion, El Divino.
Gee has held residences in all the top 7 clubs on the island of Ibiza.
In 2002 he was resident at 5 of these clubs as well as Bora Bora at the same time
for promoters such as Trade, Zenith, FXXX House, Clockwork Orange, MTV festival.

Gee has played around the world in venues such as Souviner Spain, Blend UK,
Slava Russia, Warung Brasil, to name but a few as well as many more on tour
around the U.S.A while at the same time holding residency for After Hour Power L.A
in the winter on 2004.

While in Hollywood he tentatively embarked on an acting career,
he was fortunate to gain first hand experience by having walk on parts in
the last ever episode of the successful comedy series F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Over the past few years hes written many articles for the worlds music press such as M8,
Ministry and DJ magazine and made radio shows and mixes for Radio 1, Ministry,
Thump Radio USA

Bora Bora has now started on production of a new collection of beach and club clothing.

With this and all that is ahead you can be sure that work will continue
to be just one big party for Beachbum Gee.

in brasilien nicht schlecht. aber is da noch mehr los oder hat er als einzigstes in ner verlassenen gegend ne strandbar un weit un breit nix los? würd mich ma interessieren ob das da bekannt is für party un so.

kennt sich jemand aus am anderen ende der welt :))
so da scheint doch etwas mehr los zu sein, klingt alles sehr schön da
un ein club heisst sogar

Später geht es dann weiter in die grossen, eleganten Diskotheken, wie das Privilège, am Ende der Orla Bardot, wo Sie immer berühmte internationale DJ´s vorfinden, die Sie durch den Rest der Nacht führen.

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Ist eine schöne Location. Geht mehr in Richtung Lounge, umfangreiche Essenskarte, faire Preisstruktur (Buzios ist "sauteuer", gilt bisl als das Ibiza Südamerikas, gibt da ein Pacha und Privilege - für die Preise stimmt das, für den Rest nicht..)

Ist etwas abseits der Stadt in einem Wohnviertel gelegen. Richtig Party bis in die Nacht gibts da nicht. Zu Fuß hin von Buzios City dürfte langer Weg sein. Wir waren paar Abende dort. Ausschließlich housige Lounge Musik. Relaxte Leute. Gee war gut drauf, hat noch viel vor, freute sich Englisch zu reden :)

in brasilien nicht schlecht. aber is da noch mehr los oder hat er als einzigstes in ner verlassenen gegend ne strandbar un weit un breit nix los? würd mich ma interessieren ob das da bekannt is für party un so.

kennt sich jemand aus am anderen ende der welt :))
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