War Concerns



As it gets closer to my first Time in Ibiza, I'm starting to book up flights and hotels.. etc.. Although this war thing going on, does have me a little nervous to be traveling around the world... At the same time I do feeling I should have no problems, but is there any concerns I should have?
there is no point feeling worried or getting nervous about flying around the world, what is the point in stopping your life just becase of some threat. You have to just carrying on with your life as normal. The world does not stop.....
Stop worrying about it - I only left the Army 4 years ago so am top of the list for a call up. Looking forward to getting a nice tan.
:x OOH, war! What is it good for........................(i expect every1 2 shout out the answer)
Well I'm bloody scared at the moment with whatever the fukc is going on at Heathrow, all those bloody tanks and everything :eek: Our flat in Ealing sometimes has flight paths going over it, I'm scared to wake up tomorrow morning and look out the window in case there is a big tank outside :(
rustywoo said:
apart from the basque's, obviously

Well... you should have said, the members of ETA and their supporters instead of the basques in general. Most of them are peaceful people, and ETA is almost down and out.

Anyway I think it's more dangerous to live in an American city than in a Spanish one. You just have to see the news on TV :confused:

As for Ibiza, if an ETA group dared plant a bomb in Ibiza, their escape would certainly not be possible.
TigerVlc said:
As for Ibiza, if an ETA group dared plant a bomb in Ibiza, their escape would certainly not be possible

ETA tried to kill the king juan carlos I of spain in mallorca (august 1995) - remember? :rolleyes:

The world has surely gone mad these days huh? I´m glad we are having this debate though....In Denmark where I live, life is peaceful and quiet, and I´m also concidering NOT to visit London these days, cuz of all that´s going on. You see Al Qaida and Iraque-war-reports on the tv 24-7, scary as hell if you ask me.......

Hope we´ll have peace again soon :(
Yeah Ibiza-girlie, nearly all european citizens are against that absurd war because it's due to gain control of petroleum. But some governments insist in attacking Irak.

Here in Spain people are VERY upset and pissed off with our president, because he's upholding Bush.

Now I'm more scared of the USA government than of Irak. Tyrant and opressor people like Bush will someday destroy us all.

Regarding what McRackin said, yes, ETA tried to kill the king of Spain in Mallorca, but they failed, 'cause their steps are easier to chase on a relatively reduced place, and apart from this chance there hasn't ever been any other terrorist attack over the Balearic islands.
yep, its all about the money!
Bush just needs an excuse to gain voters, since he´si n a crisis, having destroyed the US economy, not having succeeded in finding Osama B.L. and other distaters like Columbia-spaceshuttle (which naturally didn´t have anything to do with him...but still). I think the uS government are manifacturing false evidence to justify an attack witihin a few weeks, all of that just to inforce their power and maintain status and Police Of The World, yuck.

No doubt the government in Iraque needs change, but why all of the sudden the threat from a leader you havent heard about since the Golf War (again...for oil and money!).

I am no fan of fanatism or suppressing your own people like certain leaders of certain countries do, but I´m no fan of America either. They schould mind their own business sometimes, but again...what if they are right and iraque is a threat??? We - the people - wil never know, cuz they fill us with bull**** and lies from every angle.......
impossible to know the WHOLE truth.
They pretend to throw 3000 missiles and bombs on Irak in the first 48 hours of the attack! It's unbelievable. :x Muslim world is gonna hate us more and more, with good reason.

Our president Aznar is also tied to a leash Bush is handing. He's an a-s-s-l-i-c-k-e-r. And Bush plays the Emperor of the world. He says France and Germany have no solidarity with Occident because they don't want to defend Turkey from a potential Irakian attack. That attitude of Bush sucks! If there's no war, Turkey have nothing to fear. I do like what French and German governments have decided.

Unfortunately Ibiza's at Bush's reach. The island surely will suffer the economic consequences he's going to provoke, due to the world lack of safety and the economic recession. All of it apart from what Irakians are going to suffer.

true, the people may suffer but still I dont think that USA intends to hurt the population, I THINK they want to hurt their leader and make sure he doesn´t suppress them anymore.

That ´s one of the reasons why they want to see him lave his empire. The other one is to manipulate the new government who would relace the current oneto simply give up oil: give us oil and we will financially support your country, build new schools and houses, give you food and provide you with information and education.

In the long run it´s best for Iraque but also for the US as they gain control over the citicents and their welth oil-wise. I just don´t like the way they and the media make us believe that they have more dangerous than they are....I mean, they´ve been trying forever to obtain power and now they just need an excuse to bomb the hell out of the country....

No wonder the situation gets more and more tense, and could cause the whole Islamic people to rise against the western world. Western "civilised" people are no better than fanatic other-minoritie sometimes. We just have a better desquise.