Want to go 2nd of Augest!



Hello people

Me and my friend are hoping to go to Ibiza for the second time on Augest 2nd this year. We will be traveling from London and want to stay in San An (i know all about the west end so dont worry) anyway can anyone help us find the best late deals, traveling from any London airport on the 2nd, or even the 3rd of Augest?

Is it best to book by teletext, or over the internet or what?

How much do you think it is likely to cost for 2 people going for 1 week on that date?

Any help will be appreciated thank you
Things are not looking good so far!

We have a spending limit of £500 for the holiday, and so far we have looked around the internet, and fount some around that price but they are named accomidation on arrival which sounds dodgy. We have also phoned up one teletext company after seeing them say £219 on the teletext to be told they have the holidays for around £380 each!
not that I am trying to advertise but use the net deals , I've just been there for peannut in excellent conditions.
have a look at my site (if I am allowed) to say that here : http://www.inno.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Ibiza.htm and get some more ideas.
Anyway do not go for Eden , coz they are crap, the club , the boncers and everything. Es paradis rulz.