Want 2 Leave Canada 4 Summer.Want any job and room in Ibiza!



Hi everyone,

My jobs term just ended and I want to experience a exciting and awesome fun summer. I know it is late to be asking this, but I wanna be able to work in Ibiza for the rest of the summer; so I need to know if anyone else is still hiring and if accomodations are stil available. I can leave almost right away, but I don't wanna have to go over there without knowing I have the job or not.

I'm 25 and speak English and French. I'm from Canada so I would also need to know if I need a working visa or some paperwork of some sort because if I leave as soon as possible, I'll be staying until the end of September if possible.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide me. Later and if I'm not there party it up for me.