Walkie Talkies



OK, random question. We're coming from the US and so our cell phones won't be working over there (or will be WAY too expensive). We were thinking about picking up some of those Motorola walkie talkies to communicate. Has anyone used them in Ibiza? Is it very hilly so that they won't work very well? Also...how far is it from San Jose to Playa d'en Bossa (for range purposes).

I use them on the mountain when I go snowboarding and they work pretty well, 10kms in open land down to 5km in hilly dense areas.
So they will probably do the job if you are all in the same area.
Distance between San J & PDB I dont know. ;)
Cell Phone

Cool, thanks for the info! I actually just found out that my cell phone will function over there...for $1.29/minute...not horrible if only used on occasion.

I was going to get a pre-paid SIM card, which would be much cheaper, but now that Cingular has a network in Europe, they won't allow us to use the prepaid cards anymore!
it's actually not bad. i used my t-mobile phone (from the US) all over europe and at $1/min. it was actually cheaper than getting a pre-paid SIM card. i had a friend who got his cell phone unlocked by t-mobile and he spent more than i did.