viva ibiza 2009


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viva ibiza opens on may 2nd with nathan viva+alex ellenger+jimbo jangles+etc :!:

*Voted Best Bar in San Antonio by Ibiza's Workers in 2007!*
*Voted Best Ibiza Workers Bar @ Es Paradis Workers Awards 2008*
*Number 1 in "Top 5 Things To Do in San Antonio" in Junes Mixmag Magazine*



:arrow: viva ibiza 2008
MON :arrow: inside out (eden)
TUE :arrow: clubland (es paradis) + *audio hussy*
SAT :arrow: mettylectro (bi-weekly)


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· august 7th - viva ibiza's 2nd birthday party

DJ Line up:
Drew Harding
Jamie Gittins
· august 21st - ibiza workers awards 2009
Categories & Winners were:

Best Club:
1. Space

2. Amnesia
3. Pacha

Best San An Club:
1. Eden

2. Hush
3. Boho

Best DJ:
1. Deadmau5

2= Luciano
2= 2manyDJ's
3= Swedish House Mafia
3= Carl Cox

Best Worker DJ:
1. Miss Devine (Hush/Defected)

2. DJ Flee (Toffs)
3. Joe Murphy (Babylon)

Best PR:
1. Kris (Es Paradis)

2= Karl (Temptations)
2= Sam Franklin-May

Best PR Team:
1. Eden

2. Wonderland
3. Ground Zero

Best Boss/Manager/Owner to work for:
1. Jo (Highlander)

2. Nathan (Viva)
3. Juan (Toffs)

Best Parade Team:
1. Eden

2. Garlands
3. Supermartxe

Best Boat Party:
1. Viva Voyages

2. Garlands
3. T.A.P.

Best Bar:
1. Viva

2. Hush
3= Hush
3= Highlander

Best Workers Bar:
1. Viva

2. Ship
3. Ground Zero

Best New Club Night:
1. Reclaim The Dancefloor @ Eden

2. Inside Out @ Eden
3. Swedish House Mafia @ Pacha

Best Club Night:
1. Cocoon @ Amnesia

2= Carl Cox @ Space
3= We Love... Sundays @ Space

Best Workers Party:
1. The **** Party

2. Disco Bomb
3. The Zoo Project

Sexiest Male Worker:
1. Hamish Dunlop (Ground Zero)

2. Jimbo (Viva)
3. Mikey (Viva)

Sexiest Female Worker:
1. Kate Barnes (Bar M)

2. Claudia (That Bar)
3. Kerry (The Sin)

Sexiest Boss:
1. Nathan (Viva)

2. Duane (Linekars)
3. Nickie (Eden Parade)

Best Takeaway:
1. Vitaminas

2= Burger King
2= Munchies

Best Restaurant:
1. Davids

2. Jamels
3. Tijuana

Best Injury Whilst In A State:
1. Carl Saxby (you'll have to ask him why!)

Ibiza's Hardest Worker:
1. Kris (Es Paradis)

2. Gav (Viva)
3. Gillian (Highlander)

Ibiza's Laziest Worker:
1. Gavin Stockman (pretends to work @ inside out)

2. Hayley Smith (pretend place of work unknown)
3. Tom Batt (Amsterdam/That Bar)

Best Dressed Worker:
1. Jimbo (Viva)

2. Lucy Pardoe
3. Loco

Best Dancer:
1= Jo (Eden)

1= Jay Selby
3= Sasha Buckingham
3= Kate Blackmore

Most Likely To Go To Rehab:
1. Seth McNamee

2. Stef Brown
3. Micky Mash-Up

Friendliest Worker/Boss:
1= Steve (Viva)

1= Nickie (Eden Parade)
3. Clare (Viva)
SHlT PARTY DVD... Showing Tonight @ Viva

You were there, you may not remember it, but you know you were... so here is the proof. We will be showing the SHlT PARTY DVD @ Viva tonight at 10.30pm with sound.

Then after that, the carnage can begin for my birthday party! Every 30 mins 31 FREE shots from midnight. 12 different DJ's playing 30mins each, whatever style they want...

Nathan Viva
Alex Ellenger (Eden Resident)
Lenny Fontana (NYC House Legend!)
Dave Booth (Garlands)
Jimbo Jangles (Viva)
Jamie Gittins (Fg/Disco Bomb)
Stef Brown (Donkey Magic)
Tristan Ingram (Judgement Sundays)
Joe Murphy (Electric Vendetta)
Craig Daizell (Taboo)
Sean Hughes (Cream)
S.A.M (Inside Out)
Afro (Audio Hussy)

See you there!