VIDEO: "The other side of Ibiza"


i saw it when it was premiered on canal 33 back in 2014 and then forgot all about it so thanks to jimmiz for sending me the link and reminding me about it.

Director: Justine Pellerin - English Subtitles: Alison Hope
Language: Catalan dialect of Ibiza
Running Time: 48 minutes - Format : 4/3 Video DVCAM

Far from the tourists and clubbing scene that we normally associate with Ibiza, «The Other Side Of Ibiza » offers an insight into life in rural Ibiza as told by the people living in the Amunts region.
The Ibicencos speak of their relationship with the land, their culture, traditionally based on self sufficiency and the Mediterranean lifestyle.
We hear about their close ties to their land, their architecture, their society, their music and of those who had to leave and those who chose to stay…
The people who appear in the film speak in Ibiza's specific local dialect so as to preserve the authenticity of their experiences.


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What is this?

(at 01:00 in the video)

As far as I remember, the entrance to the underground chapel in Santa Agnes looked differently - it was just a hole with a locked gate. Is there another underground chapel somewhere, or is this an entrance to a private mausoleum at one of the uber-luxurious villas? ;)


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I really enjoyed that.......

When I spent my 13 days on the island last summer, i had intentions of seeing the "other side" I rented a motorcycle, and made it a point to find a random spot on the island to visit during the days i had nothing better to do. Lots of random sandy dirt roads thru the country side (that I nearly crashed on) that gave me a sense of what used to be there. I feel like i just scratched the surface tho.....I could do it all over again.

Im grateful I didnt party every night, and woke up early many mornings, to go explore the beautiful isle.

Thank you .