Ur Top 5 tracks right now



tracks i'm feeling right now new and old.....in no particular order

Dark Clarke-If u want me (airmale mix)
Big Thrills-Donna Does Pills
Tomcraft-Loneliness(Benny B mix)
Roc Project-Never (Filterheadz)
Timo Mass- Unite
Puretone-Stuck in a Groove (Who da funk)
Robbie Rivera-I want more
dr kucho- playboy interviews

...just a few....more to come later on....let me know what you think
In no order...

Matti Laamanen - Flakes
Pulser - My Religion
Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
Roc Project - Never (DJ Tiesto Remix)
Fingers Burnt - Squat Thrust

Can you tell I'm a epic trance freak?!?!?!
My Top 5 is
Benny Bonnasi - Satisfaction
Trumpet Thing - Upside down
Tyler & Durden - Supawork
Sessomato - I need somebody
Efunk - Shout
Bombdogs - I Can't Explain (courtesy of mr lawler :D )
the Clocks remix
Kate Bush vs Infusion - Running Up That Hill
Electronica - Coke Sex Drugs
Mooncat - Hear What Was Said

I would include the P.Diddy track but only listed records i have actually in my box
e-funk shout
afrodynamic 3 saxo
lee carberra shake it
saffron hill my love is always
liquid people
P.O.S - Amnesiac
Solid Globe - North Pole
Lemma - Requiem For A Dream (Summer Sun)
Planisphere - Totem
Futureshock - On My Mind

omni am - crazy for you
gregory shift - puzzle
pink floydd - hey you
nathan drew larsen - standing still
sweet'n'candy = vom tag zur nacht

1. Nothing Better - Cool House Hustlers // white

2. Keep the feeling - Disco Poppers // PortentPlus

3. Unknown - Hoxton Whores Vs Robert Armani // Hoxton

4. Coffee Beats - Del Gado // Fluential

5. Been a long time (Hoxton Whores 2003 remix) - The Fog // Hoxton
colin66 said:
Futureshock - On My Mind

Great call Colin...love that track

Top 5 no order

Dusk Till Dawn - Danny Howells
I Go Back - Harry Choo Choo
Dancing in the Dark
Call of the Wild - Gus Gus
Forever More - Moloko
1-M Factor-Come Together
2-Dj Pierre & David Morales-Make it hot
3-Dj Gregory-Elle
4-Eurythmics vs Danny Tenaglia-Sweet Dreams 2003
5-Harry Choo Choo Romero-I go Back
Agh .. Top 5 at the mo? Ummmm ....

Brett Johnson - Temptation and Lies
Lee Caberra - Shake It
Kid Creole & the Cocounts - I'm a wonderful thing

Those three I have had on constantly this morning ... (My faves change from day to day .. )