UNDERWATER (05/08/03) X-Press 2 = 6 decks, 3 mixers!!

well there are 3 blokes in xpress 2 and they often do this 6 deck thing at fabric, never been but i bet it would be fantastic
They often do the 6 decks thing, I wouldn't say it's like 2ManyDJs but is definitely worth seeing them as individually I likw them all as DJs but when they play together they are :eek: :D
X-Press2 are amazing they played Dirty @ Code last year top nite.

We are all going to see them and Darren Emmerson on the 5th August :lol:
Happily i shall be able to attend this night. Plan to go to Garlands first. Big Xpress2 fan. Good news is that Westwood isn't on.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
usually Rocky takes the main decks and Ashley Beedle & Diesel used the laptops & additional decks.

its a fantastic set this way as they can really play with the tunes and throw in all manner of effects & acappellas.

i'm there at the same time but prob be going to Iberican Sound as Pacha is getting well visited otherwise and i'd like to see Chus & Ceballos cos i ain't heard them play yet and i have with X-press 2 & Emerson