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What is the best way/route to fly to Ibiza in the off season from the Uk?


This is James' response to a similar question regarding New Year's travel:

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this year flying the best bet would be to fly to palma and them connect from there to ibiza with Air Berlin (german company) for daily flights to Ibiza.

air berlin are the only european company doing daily flights to ibiza. they all fly to palma and then those that want ibiza fly on to the island. there are bound to be places on the flights.

and i think you can get to palma de majorca every day from uk

Found at:
However, I just found this offer, until the 26th October (when I assume they stop flying for the year) with GO.

Go chill in Ibiza from £25 single

The clubbing crowds will soon be flying back from Ibiza, leaving you to relax and chill out on this beautiful island. Fly this October from as little as £25 single incl taxes.

Fly from London Stansted to:

Ibiza from £25 single incl all taxes

Most availability of these fares will be on mid-week flights (Monday to Thursday).

These 'saver' fares are available on a first come, first served basis for travel up to 26 October 2002.

Best to book as early as possible and be flexible though!

Book online @: