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Hello. Just want to ask a quick question, im sure someone can give me some info please.

I downloaded a song by Armand Van Helden the other day called Necessary Evil on advice from a friend.

Now normally i would be into Trance, hard trance, and hard house, but im really gettin into different types of house music now, and i was just wondering can anybody recommend me some tunes along the lines of 'Necessay Evil'?

As usual, any help appreciated. Cheers.
hmmm...maybe you could try these:

Armand van Helden - Boogie Monster
Finger Fest Inc - Auto Porno (DJ Chus & Ceballos mix)
Hooligan pres. Freakstilaz - Sip by sip (club mix)
yo scorpion... house music is the way forward man. You have seen the light!! :D
Big up the Belfast house lovers... go on ya boy yeeeeeeeeee!!!
i'll get back to you

ley think of some

ripgroove 99. all i have to say
If you like Armand Van Helden you will probably like the Subliminal stuff. You can get it in any HMV e.t.c.

Stay away form any of Van Heldens stuff pre 1996 cos it is a different kettle of fish but to be honest unless you are buying vinyl it shouldnt be a problem.