Tune Id's


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1. A tune with a deep sax in it, it has probably been asked b4, but it's
not Laurent Wolf or Tim Deluxe !

2. A tune with African (?) women singing, kinda yeke yeke style, it drove
me absolutely nuts :D

Thanks :)
Thanks Dam0, the first one is right !

The second one isn't Depina Vandi, that has more of an arabic feel to it.

I'm sure it's some sort of african text.

Here are some lines (or what i can make of it :confused: )

ojadabalawee olazomalowee (short pauze) ojadabalaweesa olazomaloweesa ... :D

I'ts on a mix from Robin Chappell - preparty @ Coastline
yeah it does, i only said that because someone said was saying it had an oriental feel to it in another thread!

Hmm i'm not sure about the second one, i'm not usually keen on those sorta tunes. At the moment all i can think of is 'armand van helden - Gandhi Khan' but again that could be classed as more asian than african. It also has a male vocal on it so its prob not that. Do u have a sample at all u cud post up? Or u can email me the sample for me to post up if you dont have a webspace.
2nd track ID

I'm pretty sure you're looking for:

Salif Keita - Madan (Martin Solveig Mix)