Tune ID


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Ok, here's another one from the radio on the white isle.
I think it's benni bennassi, but i'm not sure, sounds a bit like satisfaction, but it's quicker, has no vocals, and is quite a bit funkier. I think the guy on the radio said benni bennassi, but to be honest he could have been saying anything.
Anyone have any ideas?


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Benni benassi has released an album i think so have a search on slsk. I'm not at home at the moment so i cant tell u the name of the tune i think it is unfortunately :( Could always try one of these:

benni benassi - Hypnotica
benni benassi - Able to love

DJ Soulman

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.........or Benni Benassi - I Love My Sex

........almost identical to Satisfaction. When Satisfaction hit the charts I started playing this one as well.