Tune ID - PVD/Tiesto - Cream 4 September


Big Ed

This is going to be a good one...

Either PVD or Tiesto played this the night we went - I think it was Tiesto towards the end of his set. It's an old tune, must be around 98 and has no vocal so is difficult to describe!!

It has two main bits - a rising, chaotic synth starting low and going up to a mad crescendo - a piano bit comes in underneath playing a continuous three-note melody.

He tore the place to pieces - The ice cannon was going nuts and I've never seen such carnage in all my life - brilliant memories and would love to know what it is!!

Thanks very much - that's either a) a good description, b) great knowledge of trance or c) all of the above!!
bit of both :) This is a bit of classic tune but there has been a couple of remixes released recently though so i guessed it would be that.
There was another one from that era that was played that night, think it might have been Invisible by Tlt, but it was a totally different (new?) version. Couldnt tell if it was the last one by Tiesto or the first one by PVD, it seemed to be playing when they crossed over. Actually, all seems like a bit of a blur now :(
Also one of them played a version of Robert Miles Children that I never heard before as well