tune id please!!! lyrics like....from new york to london etc


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new york to paris to london to la ......not sure of the order lol

heard it in pacha and eden 2003

thanks alot!
back a bit in the forum i saw someone asking for a song that sounds similar and they were told to try Greg Di Mano - New York to Paris...

this isnt the tune i heard!

it's a house track with someone speaking about new york and paris and L.A and london......cant remember if it was male or female!
was it in english, or french? if it was french, it's serge gainsbourg, remixed by martin solveig. ny-usa.

It's Rock your Body Rock
by Ferry Corsten (one of the kings)

Fraid not, rock ur body is 'new york, london to amsterdam' and i'm not sure if it would suit the style of pacha. its not a house track either.
Re: tune id please!!! lyrics like....from new york to london

does the speech end "..And we can all groove with it"
it wasnt ferry corsten!!!!

It was a house track...not sure how it ended!

the speaking is slow and can be heard over the music clearly....sure it was a male voice.....no synth of effect on the voice....

definitely pacha style tho!
I know exactly what song you are talking about. It is the one where he says "and we can all groove with it" It's not greg di mano. The guy speaks slowly, and it's sort of an acapella. When he's talking, the beat drops out. I have it somwhere, lol.