Tuesday Giggle


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Courtesy of Pop Bitch :lol::lol::lol:

A Geordie goes to his doctor.
Geordie: A've fallen off a ladder like. I've really hort ma leeg.
Doctor: Can you walk?
Geordie: Work man? I canna hardly even wark.

A bloke from Yorkshire goes to the jewellers:
He says, "Can tha mek a gold statue o' mi dog?".
"Aye, reckon a can," sez the jeweller.
"Does tha want it eighteen carat?".
"Neigh," sez bloke, "I want it chewin' a bone."

Jam Man

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You owe me a new keyboard and half a cup of hot chocolate...

A Brummie is preparing for his works Christmas which is fancy dress with a 70's theme....

He visits the local fancy dress shop and the proprietor is taking him through the outfits that are available.

"Well we've a lot of stuff available...this suit for example"

"Luvlay, cin oi troi eet on?"

"Certainly sir" says the owner, reaching for the accessories, "Kipper Tie?"

"Yis plays, meelk and tow shuggas.."


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Two dyslexic gas fitters are working in a house

One says to the other 'Can you smell gas?'

Second one replies - 'Smell gas? I can't even smell my own name!'


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andrew lloyd webber goes into burger king.

He asks for two whoppers

The guy behind the counter says

You are really good looking and your musicals are great.